10 Baby Shower Gifts Anyone Will Love

It is always difficult to pick a gift for birthday, but when you face the question, “What are the best baby shower gifts?” you risk to get completely puzzled. A person who has a kid will choose gifts for babies based on what they lacked.

The rest will try to find unique baby shower gifts for mom to be that seem impressive and look nice. But will that stuff be useful or just thrown away? Here are some ideas that will help you to come up with the best baby gifts 2019.

Cute clothes

baby shower gift list

Let’s start with practical baby shower gifts: clothes. There are many rompers and crawlers that look totally cute. Moms will need a lot of those during the first year. You can also order personalized clothing items, matching T-shirts, hats or bow headwraps.

Memory book

baby shower gift list

In spite of the digitalization, people still love to keep memories physical. A family photo book, a custom wooden scrapbook, or a photo frame with many asymmetric sections will be a good idea. Keep gigabytes of photos on a hard drive, but the most important moments within easy reach.

Stylish diaper bag

baby shower gift list

A diaper bag is one of the essentials on every baby shower gift list. Every mom needs a convenient bag to carry all the baby things. Make sure it suits to different outfits and looks totally stylish. There are even waterproof diaper clutches!

Baby blanket

baby shower gift list

Pick a baby blanket with the characters of your favorite movies or cartoons so a baby will look the most fashionable on the neighborhood. Find a hooded blanket or a towel to keep a baby warm after the shower.

Bathing stuff

baby shower gift list

When it comes to baby shower gift lists, we can write an entire article about bathing stuff for babies. Just pick something hypoallergic. And don’t forget to pick up some funny toys, like rubber ducks.


baby shower gift list

When choosing gifts for newborns, the majority will go with toys, and that’s a good idea as well. Just remember to pick something relevant – rattles, baby-friendly soft blocks and books, stuffed toys that produce white noise and help to fall asleep, a toddler activity center, or something like that.

Baby month signs

baby shower gift list

There is a trend to take photos of babies every month with an age mark. Some cut paper numbers, the others use socks and other baby attributes, and some just use filters. Month signs will be a good decision for both baby girl and baby boy gift ideas.

Growth chart

baby shower gift list

This is one of those baby presents that parents won’t use for a while, but then it’ll stay with the family for a long time. Not everyone is willing to make door notches to watch how a kid grows, while a nice chart will be a cool design attribute.

Baby sling and silicone teething necklace

baby shower gift list

Some baby gifts ideas come in sets. A baby sling is very convenient, but make it even cooler, you can add a pleasant bonus. A necklace that will become both an accessory for mom and a toy for a baby, who won’t be bored during long walks.

Gifts for mom

baby shower gift list

Don’t forget that the baby isn’t the only one waiting for presents. Show that you care about your friend, who has been through almost nine months of prohibitions. Take a look at baby shower gift ideas for mum and pick up something before you go to the party:

  • Earrings or other accessories.
  • A pair of nice comfortable shoes.
  • A slim dress to wear in a couple of months.
  • Favorite alcohol (for later, of course).
  • A certificate for a beauty treatment.
  • Funny cups or bowls.
  • Favorite beauty products.
  • A nice bathrobe.