Best Setting Powder In Nigeria: The Top 7

Setting powder is an essential step in any makeup routine. A layer of setting powder completes your makeup and allows your skin to look flawless all day long. Find out what’s the best setting powder for dark skin you can get right now!

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1. Zaron Setting Powder

Zaron is an iconic Nigerian makeup brand and produces the best setting powder in Nigeria. Their setting powder for dark skin was designed to cater to different skin tones, which means you will easily find a shade that matches your appearance!

2. Milani Make It Last Setting Powder

Milani is one of the best known international affordable makeup brands, so it shouldn’t be surprising that this Milani powder is competing for the title of the best setting powder for black skin. This powder is translucent and virtually invisible on your skin.

3. Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder

Sacha Cosmetics is a professional makeup brand with a dozen of best-selling products. One of them is Buttercup Setting Powder, available in two flattering shades, that Nigerian and world makeup artists swear by for securing their makeup all day long.

4. Laura Mercier Setting Powder

Laura Mercier is a premium brand of cosmetics – if you want to treat yourself to a luxury makeup product that already has a cult status, go for the best setting powder for dry skin, Translucent Setting Powder. It doesn’t dry out your skin and keeps the skin glowing.

5. Ben Nye Setting Powder

Voted the best setting powder 2018 by a variety of makeup artists and celebrities, including the  Kardashians, this setting powder is affordable yet very effective. The best setting powder for oily skin from Ben Nye comes in a single shade that adapts to your skin tone.

6. Black Opal Finishing Powder

The Black Opal setting powder is actually a finishing powder – the difference is that finishing powder not only secures your makeup in place, but also smooths out your skin, making lines and wrinkles less visible. Available in four complementary shades, this powder is one of the best makeup products in Nigeria to get right now.

7. E.L.F. High Definition Setting Powder

E.L.F. is another budget brand of cosmetics, but their collection of popular makeup products can cause envy from any luxury or professional brand. The HD setting powder is arguably the best makeup powder from E.L.F. and it’s super easy to apply!

8. Setting powder: how to use

If you’ve never used setting powder in your makeup routine, don’t worry – now is a great time to start. To get the best results, follow these tips:

  • Thoroughly blend the foundation before applying the powder to make the finish perfectly smooth and avoid cracks in the foundation;
  • Don’t wait for the foundation to set before applying setting powder – to achieve the best finish, the foundation needs to be still wet;
  • Choose the right brushes for the job! Of course, you can always use the puffs that came with the powder, but there is a risk of your foundation looking cakey and stiff. Instead, use a powder brush with loose bristles to apply the powder and then use a kabuki brush to blend it in.

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