Cape Dress Styles: 12 Stylish Urban Queen’s Looks

The cape dress styles used to be the style-to-go of the wealthy Scottish women. Nowadays the cape fashion has been considerably revamped by the modern designers. It is ultra fashionable now and even royalty wear it all the time! These dresses come in a variety of styles: lace mini and maxi, cold-shoulder, office and festival variations.

Pick the prettiest latest cape dress styles and you are sure to look fantabulous!

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1. Cape grand dresses

Sensual aristocracy is fully embodied in the outfits of the 40-50’s of the last century. Unusual dress with a cape with luxurious decorations is quite rare today, so pay attention to this idea to look really unique.

2. Dress in cape decorated with precious stones

It’s a real royal chic – this is the first idea that comes to your mind when you see these luxury capes. It’s an outfit that even the queen would be proud to wear.

3. Silver sequin and tulle lace cape gown

This unusual combination of fabrics would look best on a young sporty girl. No one else will be as sparkling and gorgeous!

Nigerian women wear capes created from traditional Ankara, sequin, lace, and even fabrics used for wedding gowns.

4. White cape dress

This is the most favorite color for a cape now and will make any girl (especially with brown skin) look her best.

5. Black cape dress

It’s considered to be the second option after the white color. It’s normally chosen for office wear or an important event. The midi black dress will really embellish plus-size girls as it can hide wider hips or a belly.

Even Kim Kardashian wore this style when she was expecting a baby. Check out the photos of Kim Kardashian in monochrome cape dresses!

6. Red cape dress

You will certainly be the center of everyone’s attention wearing a red cape dress. Choose darker shades like burgundy or coral colors.

7. Blue cape dress

Blue and all of its shades are crazily popular right now. Whichever style you go for – a maxi royal blue gown or a mini aquamarine dress with a lush skirt you will be simply irresistible! Do not forget about a thin waist belt to add femininity and subtleness to you look!

8. Chiffon dresses with capes

This style adds softness and tenderness making you look gorgeous and delicate. Take a look at these chiffon cape styles.

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9. Long dresses with capes

Long dresses transform any girl into an elegant lady. Choose either a traditional neckline an open neckline. Opt for midi styles if you have nice legs to show off. These suit both younger girls and adult ladies.

9. Mini cape dresses

If you are young and have a slender figure, you should definitely try one of those divine cape short dresses.

10. Ankara styles with capes

Ankara cape dress is becoming exponentially popular with Nigerian women. It adds confidence and elegance that the others will definitely notice!

12. Ankara cape short dress styles

If you want to make a statement about your ethnic background, opt for African print cape dress! Simply check out these fabulous Ankara short styles!

13. Trendy cape dresses photos (including Ankara cape dresses)


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