Earth Day 2019: 5 Ways To Celebrate

Ever since 1970, the whole world is celebrating Earth Day on April 22. Earth Day has a special meaning for everyone in the world, but there are also many things we can all do to help our planet. Check out 5 ways to celebrate Earth Day 2019!

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1. Switch to online

Using less paper and moving your daily tasks to the online realm can save millions of trees every year. Switch to online bills, documents, and newspapers to lower your use of paper!

2. Reusable cups and bottles

Instead of buying water in plastic bottles and bags, as well as buying coffee and other drinks to go in plastic or cardboard cups, get a reusable glass or metal water bottle and take a ceramic cup for coffee everywhere!

3. Drive less

Switching from driving your own car to walking or cycling to your destination has numerous benefits not only for the planet, but also for your health! You can also start using public transportation more often.

4. Plant trees

Trees are immensely vital for our planet, but they are also in constant danger due to human interference. Even if you plant a single new tree every year, you can already make a difference.

5. Educate others

The state of our planet is deteriorating rapidly, and the change is possible only if everyone makes an effort. Educate your local community on how to be better to Earth!

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