How To Do Bantu Knots With Natural Hair

If you have amazing natural hair, you just have to try Bantu knots hairstyles!

 African ladies are extremely lucky to have incredibly strong and lush natural hair. That’s why Bantu hairstyle is so popular among the ladies today. It is one of the greatest protective hairstyles, that looks like tiny twisted buns. Actually, it looks magnificent!

Now we will tell you how to make Bantu knots on almost hair length and hair type!

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bantu knots styles

1. How to do Bantu knots with natural hair

1.1. Prepare the hair for Bantu knots styles:

  • First, wash your hair very well. You don’t have to apply any special hair care product – your regular shampoo will do.
  • If your hair easily gets frizzy, use the conditioner. Opt for rinse-out conditioner if your hair easily dries out. Leave-in conditioner is good for you if your hair gets both frizzy and dry after washing. Anyway, the quality conditioner gives extra protection for your hair, while preventing the breaking of the strands.
  • Detangle your hair with the help of special comb or hairbrush, if needed. Skip this tip if your hair doesn’t tangle that much.
  • Now, dry the hair partially: damp hair is the best option for doing knots and knot-out hairstyles.
how to do bantu knots with natural hair

1.2. Shape the Bantu knots:

  • Separate hair into multiple sections of various widths, depending on the hair length and the final look, using rattail comb. Typically, ladies with short hair separate hair into smaller sections, while those with the long hair use the larger sections. This also depends on whether you are planning to get Bantu knot-outs after that.
  • Now, apply the high-quality curl cream (light/mid hold) on your hair. You can use it on every hair section: just twist it in every hair section with your fingers, starting from the hair roots. Keep the high tension for maintaining the shape.
  • Then, twist a tiny coil on the scalp base. You have to twist every hair section between your fingertips. Be very careful, don’t make strong moves ‘cause they might cause hair breakage.
  • After you have formed the coils, twist the remaining hair around the sections. This will help you to make the hairstyle neater.
  • If you have got very tight coils, tuck the ends to hold them in one place. If they are quite loose, use some hair pins to keep them in place.
  • Repeat the knotting process on all the remained sections. Wrapped the remaining hair around each coil and tuck or pin them. If your hair is starting to dry, just spray it with water.
bantu knots on dry hair

How To Do Bantu Knots Step By Step on Natural Short 4C Hair Tutorial Part 2

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1.3. Bantu knot out (medium length natural hair):


Natural Hair Bantu knot out Tutorial! =) Enjoy *Get one Free AudioBook and Free 30 days trial on audible →→ *JudithsForeignLife Daily Vlogs* – *INSTAGRAM !* – *TUMBLR !* – Twitter – LETS GET TO 50K SUBS & 1000 Likes !

2. How to do Bantu knots on various hair types

2.1. Bantu knots on medium natural hair


Natural Hair Bantu knot out Tutorial! =) Enjoy *Get one Free AudioBook and Free 30 days trial on audible →→ *JudithsForeignLife Daily Vlogs* – *INSTAGRAM !* – *TUMBLR !* – Twitter – LETS GET TO 50K SUBS & 1000 Likes !

2.2. How to do Bantu knots on short hair

Bantu Knots Tutorial on Short Natural Hair | Perfect for Heat Damaged/Transitioning Hair

WATCH IN HD* Hey loves, it’s Alisha! In today’s tutorial I will be showing you all how I achieve my bantu knot out! I did this hairstyle when I FIRST went natural years ago and I still love doing it! If you enjoy this video, please don’t forget to Like, Comment, and SUBSCRIBE!

2.3. Bantu knots on straight hair

Natural Hair | {Bantu Knots on Straight Hair}

Hi Loves! I hope all is well your way! If you follow me on IG @tiffanydbrown_ you saw that I posted a pic wearing Bantu Knots. Unfortunately, I didn’t record the pin up process. 🙁 Sorry. This video is the “take down” of the Bantu Knots.

2.4. Bantu knots on transitioning hair

Bantu Knot On Transitioning Hair From Relaxed To Natural

Uploaded by TeaTimeWithBev on 2016-07-06.

2.5. Bantu knots on dry hair

How to get Perfect Bantu Knots on Dry Hair | 4C Hair Type | JumieAnne

How to Bantu perfect knots on dry hair, I hope you enjoy this and learn one or two things in this. Just for informational purpose I have 4C hair type. Let me know if you have any question below on the comment box. Like and subscribe for more…xoxo NoCopyrightSounds, music without limitations.

2.6. Bantu knots men styles

Almonte’s Bantu Knot Tutorial

By popular demand, this is how I do MY bantu knots. Open to constructive criticism ^_^ (Yes I uploaded a short version of this before– this is the full version. My hair is actually much longer and healthier than this now). Follow me on Instagram!

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