Lace Aso Ebi Styles: 20 Fresh Looks

Most Nigerian ladies believe there is no better choice of an outfit for a wedding or other important event than Aso Ebi dresses. However, lace Aso Ebi styles can look even better! Check out the latest Aso Ebi lace styles and discover gorgeous Aso Ebi fashion on Jiji.

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1. Lace Aso Ebi with peplum

A peplum is a nice finishing touch for many Nigerian lace Aso Ebi styles, and the asymmetric design of the peplum makes the look even more interesting.

2. Blue and white lace Aso Ebi

Are you a fan of two-tone Aso Ebi lace gown styles? Find similar lace dresses on Jiji and become the best dressed guest at the next wedding you’re invited to!

3. Mint cord lace Aso Ebi

Aso Ebi styles with cord lace are a fantastic choice for dressing your wedding party! Check out the way each bridesmaid is wearing the best version of lace Aso Ebi for her body.

4. Purple and gold lace Aso Ebi

The hottest Aso Ebi fashion of 2018 is all about bold colour combination, and what can be more stylish and eye-catching than a combination of purple and gold?

5. Gold lace Aso Ebi

Gold lace Aso Ebi styles have been getting more and more popular this year. Gold looks so good with any skin tone and can be successfully paired with any other colour.

6. Mint Aso Ebi with train

A surefire way to draw everyone’s attention at any event is to add a beautiful train to an already stunning mint-coloured lace Aso Ebi dress.

7. Lace Aso Ebi with tulle sleeves

Are you in love with tulle lace Aso Ebi styles but don’t want to wear a fully tulle outfit? Create a fashionable compromise with a lace dress and cute tulle sleeves!

8. Peach lace Aso Ebi

Here is a proof that lace Aso Ebi styles 2018 look fabulous on any body type! You can easily find fashion clothes that are perfect for your figure and don’t cost a fortune if you shop on Jiji.

9. Hot pink lace Aso Ebi

Aso Ebi designs don’t get more high fashion than this! Everything about this look, from the choice of fabric to the beautifully designed gele, is pure perfection.

10. Sapphire blue lace Aso Ebi

Sapphire blue remains a popular choice for French lace Aso Ebi styles, which is not surprising – it’s a very flattering colour that looks great at weddings.

11. Burgundy off-shoulder Aso Ebi

A perfect combination of elegant and sexy is a burgundy off-shoulder lace Aso Ebi that looks gorgeous both with short and long sleeves.

12. Pink lace Aso Ebi

The next Aso Ebi look is a winner for two reasons. The shape of the dress is exceptionally flattering, and the combination of pink and green is unexpected but very successful.

13. Green and purple lace Aso Ebi

Another example of how elegant unusual colour combinations can look in Aso Ebi is this green and purple lace outfit with matching accessories.

14. Beige lace Aso Ebi

If yellow lace Aso Ebi styles seem too striking for the occasion and you’re looking for something more understated, consider the sophisticated beige lace.

15. White lace Aso Ebi

An easy way to upgrade a white lace Aso Ebi and make it stand out is to add just one colourful accessory – in this case, a beautiful purple gele.

16. Lace and velvet Aso Ebi

Lace and velvet Aso Ebi styles are the perfect bridge between elegance and modern fashion. The delicate embroidery on the skirt is our favourite part of the look!

17. Black and gold Aso Ebi

Patterns are not the most common thing when it comes to lace Aso Ebi, which only makes the next look more unique and inspiring.

18. Burgundy one-shoulder Aso Ebi

The spicy one-shoulder design of your lace Aso Ebi can be the one detail that will make you the star of any event.

19. Silver lace Aso Ebi

When in doubt over which colour and fabric to choose for your new Aso Ebi, go for silver lace – metallics are always a great option!

20. Turquoise and fuchsia Aso Ebi

One more two-tone Aso Ebi look, this time in the trendy colour blocking construction, is this gorgeous turquoise and fuchsia off-shoulder gown.

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