Latest Beads In Vogue: 33 Styles You Will Love

Beads are an important part of fashion, but Nigerian beads also have a lot of cultural significance. Find out everything about the latest beads in vogue 2018 and check out the latest bead styles to find your new favourite!

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1. White beads

Many of the latest beads necklace designs are white, which is not surprising: white looks good on anyone and is very easy to pair with different clothes.

2. Black and gold beads

Black onyx has been used in numerous different types of bead designs lately, but pairing it with gold is certainly an exquisite choice.

3. Sapphire blue beads

When you look at some beads design pictures, you can easily imagine those beads on a beautiful Nigerian bride, and these sapphire blue beads are no exception.

4. Turquoise beads

Precious and semi-precious stones are used in a huge variety of latest Nigerian beads, but these cute turquoise beads definitely stand out.

5. Green coral beads

Most of us are used to orange and pink coral beads design, which is why these green coral beads look surprising but also magnificent.

6. Red and gold sand beads

Sand beads designs are getting more and more popular, mainly thanks to their ability to look fantastic when combined with other beads, including metal.

7. Gold sand beads

A great trend in the latest sand bead designs is monochrome sand beads that are the epitome of elegance.

8. Red sand beads

There are many things we love about this red sand bead style, but the cute bow clasp is its most adorable detail.

9. Colourful beads

You don’t often see a pop of colour in the latest beads in vogue, which is why these colourful beads look so refreshing.

10. Blue sand beads

We’re seeing more and more Nigerian beads for sale that feature one striking detail in an otherwise monochrome design, like this sapphire blue flower on light-blue sand beads.

11. Yellow beads

Just in time for the summer we have one of the brightest current bead designs – yellow multi-layered beads.

12. Silver beads

For those who are not big fans of simple beads design, there are the sophisticated silver beads that look and feel simply exquisite.

13. White and blue beads

When the beads themselves are fairly simple, it’s the construction of the necklace that can make the necessary impression, like in these white and blue beads.

14. Fuchsia pink beads

Another perfect choice of beads of the summer is this fuchsia set that will look fabulous anywhere, from the beach to a wedding.

15. Blue and black beads

The simple construction of these black and blue beads is once again saved by the eye-catching multi-coloured floral detail.

16. Coral sand beads

The next beads incorporate two most popular latest bead designs, sand and coral, in one gorgeous necklace.

17. Coral and gold beads

If you’re looking for beads design for a wedding, we recommend going for the classic coral beads and spicing them up with gold.

18. Black multi-coloured beads

Black is featured in many different bead designs, and adding colourful beads makes them a great choice for everyday wear.

19. Green and gold beads

Green and gold are one of the most elegant pairings in fashion that is further improved by the addition of pearls.

20. Multi-coloured sand beads

Add an ethnic vibe to your look with the help of multi-coloured sand beads!

21. Thin sand beads

The latest beads can be very eye-catching, but these thin and delicate beads can also be a great addition to your collection.

22. Acrylic beads

These vibrant and colourful acrylic beads are the perfect combination between regular beads and sand beads.

23. Green sand beads with gold

Take the best out of both worlds and wear sand and gold beads!

24. Fuchsia and gold

The gold foundations of these brads would look great in any design, but with fuchsia sand beads the whole necklace comes together.

25. Gold sand beads

Satisfy your desire to look royal with these gold sand beads that look downright precious!

26. Gold and coral beads

Another variation of the timeless classic; this time with sand coral beads and shiny gold balls.

27. Hand-crafted green beads

Hand-crafted beads look special in any piece of jewelry, but we especially love the way they’re paired with gold in these beads!

28. Blush pink beads

For a delicate and feminine look, consider blush pink beads that can be successfully paired with both gold and silver.

29. Sand coral beads

These coral beads are so masterfully designed that the corals look almost alive!

30. Pearl beads with corals

Pearls are not as popular right now as they used to be, but we believe pearls are a fantastic choice for any lady.

31. Crystal beads

Crystal beads are still a rarity in Nigeria, but we’re convinced they’re going to be very big this year, especially in statement necklaces.

32. Gold and turquoise beads

Even if you can’t afford genuine turquoise, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy beautiful turquoise beads – artificial turquoise looks just as great.

33. Round sand beads

If you already have regular sand beads and want to try something new, try these round sand beads for a trendy look!

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