Most Beautiful University In Nigeria: The Top 10

Nigerian universities are known for the exceptional level of knowledge they teach their students, but they are also loved for their gorgeous design. Find out what is the most beautiful university in Nigeria from our top 10 list!

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1. Landmark University, Kwara State

The building of the Landmark University in Kwara State is designed in subdued colours and features lots of glass. It’s one of the more modern universities on our list, being founded only in 2011. The name of the university is more than justified, as it’s one of the most appealing buildings in Omu-Aran.

Most beautiful university in Nigeria

2. University of Lagos, Lagos

Any list of the Top 20 best universities in Nigeria wouldn’t be complete without the University of Lagos. Whether you live in Lagos or another part of the country, you have likely heard many positive things about this school, especially their beautiful campus, innovative design, and lots of trees and plants for a better landscape.

Most beautiful university in Nigeria

3. University of Benin, Benin City

The first thing you notice about the University of Benin is their unusual gate house that showcases the expertise of modern Nigerian architects. However, the remaining buildings of the University of Benin are equally impressive, especially the auditorium – it looks very solemn.

Most beautiful university in Nigeria

4. University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State

The main building of the University of Port Harcourt looks rather modest at first glance, since there are no flashy designs or bright colours. However, a closer look reveals that it’s actually very neat and pleasant to look at. The perfect symmetry and the little colourful accent are what makes this University so good-looking.

Most beautiful university in Nigeria

5. University of Ibadan, Oyo State

The University of Ibadan is Nigeria’s oldest university, which is why its buildings and campus may not be as eye-catching or modern as some other schools on our list. Still, it has several very recognizable features, including the spherical construction of the gate house and the very impressive clock tower.

Most beautiful university in Nigeria

6. Covenant Univeristy, Ota, Ogun State

Some of Nigeria’s most beautiful universities are privately owned, and the Covenant University is no exception. Like the Landmark University, it is owned by David Oyedepo’s church, but the design of the university is very contemporary. In addition to the gorgeous main building design, everyone also loves the spacious and green campus.

Most beautiful university in Nigeria

7. Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State

The Federal University of Agriculture has a long and complex history, and it has clearly reflected on the look of the school. The buildings here look very different, but each of them is a work of architectural art. Students and spectators particularly love the beautiful Senate building.

Most beautiful university in Nigeria

8. Ahmadu Bello Univeristy, Zaria, Kaduna State

The Ahmadu Bello University is the biggest and most famous institution of Northern Nigeria, and its status is clearly reflected in the design of its campus. The buildings here are timeless and appealing, and the campus is even more gorgeous.

Most beautiful university in Nigeria

9. Federal Univeristy of Technology, Minna, Niger State

The Federal University of Technology may be one of the most prestigious higher institutions in Nigeria, but its design is very simple and practical. However, the buildings are rather uniform and paint a complete picture, and the white colour of the campus makes the whole thing look very neat.

Most beautiful university in Nigeria

10. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State

The beauty of the Obafemi Awolowo University is in its vibrant diversity. Every building on campus seems to have been designed by different people, but together they work perfectly and turn the university into one of the most memorable spots in Nigeria.

Most beautiful university in Nigeria

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