How To Style Twist Braids: Top 10 Hairdos To Rock Tonight!

Twist braids are the most popular hairstyles for African hair. There are so many various styles of twists that you can choose a new one every day! Some of them are really luxuriant and refined while others are casual and simple.

If you want to know more useful tips on how to style your hair for important events or just for everyday wear – go through this post! We are offering some cools methods of how to style twist braids that you will definitely appreciate!

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1. Senegalese twist hair: Shoulder Length

You don’t have to wear your hair too long for these twists: shoulder length would be quite enough and equally cute. You can opt for tight twists or a looser style if you want a more bohemian look. This style is both gorgeous and easy to wear.

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2. Large, Long twist braids styles

This hairstyle requires making thicker twists for a more impressive look. You could also add some color strands to brighten up your look.

3. Long Black Senegalese twist braids

This style looks cuter on longer hair. The final braids look heavyweight but it’s just an impression. You will look explicitly African and awesome wearing them!

4. Updo twist braids hairstyles

If your braids get in the way too much, try wrapping them on top of your head and fix them with sturdy hair pins. And you got yourself a new cute hairstyle!

5. Mélange Graduated Twists

If you’ve always wanted to experiment with your hair color –go for it! Opt for a mélange color to create a really outstanding look. This style often implies different lengths and thicknesses of the twists with thicker ones on the top of the head and thinner ones below the shoulders.

6. Classic twist hair

This old-school solution has kept its positions for centuries and it’s still quite trendy!

7. Medium Senegalese twist

This style is perfect for those who don’ like their braids huge or tiny.

8. Thick & big twist braids hairstyles

This hairstyle works best on thick hair. You can arrange these braids in a weave too. The main pro of these cumbersome braids is that it’s less time-consuming to make and maintain them. Add some bright color pop, like acid pink or lime green to give your look even more vibe and authenticity!

9. Black Romantic natural hair twist styles

You’ve just had your hair braided but you have an important interview to go to? Don’t rush to undo them – simply pull your hair up – as you would if it wasn’t braided – and you are ready to go!

10. Dramatic Top Knot

Super long locks style is an ideal solution for any occasion! Gather up half of the braids in a top knot, using a hair elastic.

The remaining braids can freely flow down. This style looks quite dramatic and it can be fulfilled with provocative jewelry and funky makeup!

11. How to style twist braids step by step

Senegalese Twist / Rope Twists Step By Step Tutorial Part 2

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