Zobo Drink And Weight Loss + 5 Side Effects

The zobo drink has a refreshing taste and is always a big hit on hot days or at parties. Nigerians have also noticed the link between zobo and flat tummy a while ago. Find out more about the benefits of zobo drink for weight loss and its side effect for your health!

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1. Zobo drink for weight loss

Of course, you can enjoy zobo drink for its delicious flavour and hydrating effect even without its many health benefits. However, one question remains unanswered: Does zobo drink reduce weight?

The short answer is yes, zobo drink does help you get to your dream weight. But how exactly does it happen? There are several reasons why zobo drink works so well for reducing weight:

  1. anthocyanins Made from hibiscus flowers, zobo drink is rich in fiber, which promotes healthy digestion and helps you get rid of many uncomfortable feelings in your digestive tract. It also allows your body to process the food you eat faster and more efficiently.
  2. Zobo drink is naturally low in sugar and doesn’t contain any fats or large quantities of carbohydrates. If you take your zobo drink without any sweeteners, it’s as good for your body and weight as plain water.
  3. Drinking zobo drink regularly is known for its ability to suppress your appetite. If the reason why you’re putting on weight is that you can’t control your appetite, try substituting the snacks and sugary drinks with zobo to limit the number of calories you’re consuming.
  4. Zobo drink contains large quantities of amylase, an enzyme that allows your body to break down sugars and starches faster and more efficiently. Speeding up this process prevents the sugars and starches from being immediately turned into fat.
  5. The anthocyanins contained in zobo drink have been closely studied by scientists. Eventually, it was revealed that anthocyanins slow down and even stop weight gain, allowing you to keep your dream figure.
  6. Regular consumption of zobo drink helps your body turn fat into energy and use it right away rather than putting it into storage and increasing the amount of fat in your body.
  7. The polyphenols contained in zobo drink prevents the formation of lipids by your liver. Without the lipids, your body will create fewer fat cells, reducing the overall fat levels. It means that the answer to the question “Does zobo drink burn belly fat?” is definitely yes!

So how to prepare zobo drink for weight loss? Simply use your favourite recipe, but if it calls for sugar, honey, or other sweeteners, better leave them out of your drink to increase the weight loss effect.

Zobo drink and weight loss

2. Side effects of zobo drink

So now that you know how great zobo drink is for your body and figure, you’re probably wondering: what are the side effects of zobo drink? There are 5 most important side effects you need to know about:

  1. Zobo drink reduces the level of oestrogen in a female body – if you’re planning to get pregnant, avoid consuming the drink for a while.
  2. Zobo drink has a strong calming effect, which may be great if you need to unwind, but not so great if you need to stay focused and productive.
  3. Hibiscus flowers are known for their ability to reduce blood pressure, so if you already suffer from low blood pressure, stay away from zobo.
  4. Zobo drink is prohibited for pregnant women, since it can trigger uterine bleeding and endanger the pregnancy.
  5. Some people report zobo drink to cause hallucinations when consumed in large quantities, so it’s best to drink it in moderation.

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