5+ Techniques To Improve Your Memory

You probably have noticed that some people easily remember even the minor details and grab catch everything pretty good. And then you thought about how to improve your memory?

Studies have shown that not only regular exercises can help to improve your cognitive functions: some foods, and therefore certain vitamins contained in them can strengthen your memory!

Now we will discuss simple and proven ways of how to train your memory and list the best foods that improve memory!

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1. How to improve memory recall: top 5 tips

1.1. Get enough sleep

This is the simplest and one of the best memory recall techniques.

Keep in mind that restful 8-hour sleep is very necessary to support your brain in a healthy state.

how to improve memory recall

1.2. Break routines

We are doing automatically most things in our life, and the impressions of today are no different from yesterday’s impressions.

This causes the same, repeating reaction in the cerebral cortex, which gradually leads to its atrophy. The solution to this problem is to urgently bring any variety into your daily routine!

how to train your memory

1.3. Start learning new things

Start visiting dance classes, start drawing, start learning a foreign language. Wake up your brain!

what to eat to increase memory power

1.4. Communicate

Meet friends or your family members and just talk! Share your thoughts, argue, discuss, stop the passive consuming.

how to increase memory power naturally

1.5. Learn the verses by heart!

Start learning poetry again! You can that alone or with your child – it will not only train your memory but also will give you a lot of pleasant sensations of beauty!

memory recall techniques

Best proven memory techniques for studying:


2. What to eat to increase memory power

2.1. Proper & healthy eating

If you want to have a good memory, you must get three meals a day, consisting of:

  • proteins;
  • many vegetables (organic ones are better);
  • and carbohydrates complex, such as whole grain rice or legumes.

Best food for memory improvement:

The 10 Best Foods To Boost Brain Power and Improve Memory

If you are looking for ways to improve brain health, here are the best foods to boost brain power and improve memory! You know that how you eat can affect your body. But, what you put in your mouth also affects your mood, the brain’s energy and your memory.

2.2. How to increase memory power naturally, using the nutritional supplements

  • Vitamins B complex. This is the best memory booster ever!

The lack of B vitamins can lead to partial memory loss because your brain cells will not be able to get rid of the toxins they produce as a by-product.

Also, an insufficient amount of vitamin B can also make you feel depressed and lead to scattered attention.

foods that improve memory

  • Vitamin C

This is your brain’s best friend. Vitamin C is responsible for creating neurotransmitters that send signals to different parts of the brain.

food for memory

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E plays a key role in protecting us from free radicals, a special type of toxin that damages the membranes of our brain cells.

Obviously, your brain cells need protection, and this vitamin is a great way to do so!

Yes, and do not forget to consult your doctor before consuming any vitamin supplements – just in case!

foods that improve memory

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