8 Reasons Why Quitting Social Media Is Good For You

Life in 2019 cannot be imagined without social media. We use it to connect to our friends and family members, to follow the lives of our favourite celebrities, and even to look for job opportunities. However, the effect of social media is not 100% positive, and here are 8 reasons why you can benefit from quitting social media altogether.

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1. It doesn’t increase your intelligence

You’d think that will all the amazing information available at your fingertips, you can learn anything in the world very easily. However, the reality is different. According to numerous studies, social media use doesn’t improve our ability to research and retain information; if anything, it makes us less able to critically analyze data.

Reasons to quit social media

2. Validation from wrong sources

One of the reasons why so many people are addicted to social media is that they seek validation for their life. Some people won’t do anything without thinking how it will be assessed by their online friends. However, that attitude to life is completely wrong. If you are happy with what’s happening to you, you should be able to enjoy it without the opinions of people you barely know.

Reasons to quit social media

3. Social media promotes eating disorders

How often have you looked at some skinny Instagram model and wished you looked like her? This behaviour is not at all uncommon, but it’s also very bad for your health and self-esteem. Striving to keep up with the impossible fitness standards of social media can result in an eating disorder and other negative consequences for your health.

Reasons to quit social media

4. Unnecessary effort

We spend too much time trying to impress people we don’t really know or even care about. When you post a beautiful picture to your social media, your followers have no idea that it took you 30 minutes to set up the shot, 20 tries to take the best snap, and 15 minutes to edit it to perfection. Your online friends will never appreciate it enough!

Reasons to quit social media

5. It interferes with your real-life connections

If you are addicted to social media, soon the people around you will start noticing the problem. If you can’t put your phone down for more than 5 minutes, don’t let anyone eat before you take a picture of the food and constantly make your family members and friends pose for pictures, you’re going to have a problem with people who are closest to your heart.

Reasons to quit social media

6. There is no real support

There are many people who often use social media not for bragging about their perfect lives, but for venting about their issues at work or in personal life. However, the bigger your audience is, the fewer chances you have to get actual support. Instead, you will likely read comments from people who think your problems are meaningless or even that you are the reason for all bad things happening in your life.

Reasons to quit social media

7. You care about wrong people

Social media is essential for connecting us to our friends, but it can also expose you to people you don’t really need in your life. Ex-boyfriends and their current girlfriends, friends you are no longer in touch with, past co-workers and other random people can consume all of your attention while you’re trying to find out how they’re doing.

Reasons to quit social media

8. Putting yourself at risk

The more you post on social media and the more popular you become, the bigger is your risk of getting unwanted attention. People may start obsessively following you, trying to find out more about your personal life, or even stalking you online. Quitting social media or, at the very least, never posting your personal details online, are the only two ways to avoid it.

Reasons to quit social media

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