Game Of Thrones Hairstyles You Should Try!

Millions of fans around the world have been stuck to TV screens and monitors for years to see what will happen to our favorite Game Of Thrones characters. The exciting plot, grand scenery and talented actors who literally live the lives of their characters on the screen did the trick!

And not only intrigues and fights were fascinating the fans, but also the beauty of the females of the series. We have collected the most spectacular Game of Thrones hairstyles you should try and found out how to create them at home!

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1. Cersei Lannister hairstyles

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  • If you want to create huge broken waves, it is better to use wide curling.
  • Take the hair strands from your face, gather them in braids or plaits and fix with stealth at the back of your head.

Game of Thrones Hair – Cersei Lannister

Difficulty: Moderate Hair Length: collar bone length Materials: 8 small elastics, a lot of bobbypins Skills needed: rope braid, three strand braid time cost: 20-45 minutes Ideal hairtype: any Detailed English braiding instructions: If you guys like my videos, please subscribe, give me suggestions/requests, and share!

2. Sansa Stark hairstyles #1

  • Use the spray with sea salt on your hair to create a suitable texture.
  • Then dry the hair.
  • Divide the upper fraction of your hair and make the separate partings.
  • Twist the light harnesses and fix it on the back of your head.

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Sansa Lady of Winterfell hairstyle in Game of Thrones

Sansa really came into her own as Lady of Winterfell in season 7 of Game of Thrones. Her hairstyle is regal and pretty easy so check out this tutorial to learn the braided updo for yourself!

3. Sansa Stark hairdo #2

  • Comb the hair in the very middle.
  • Divide tiny parts of your hair on both sides and braid spikelets, then fix them with the little rubber bands.
  • Braid the remaining curls in a low braid on one side.

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How to Do Sansa’s Braids in Game of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones season 6 premieres is just a couple days, and as always I like to make a tutorial beforehand to celebrate. All of our leading ladies are in some sort of disheveled or shaven state… but Sansa has some braids!

4. Daenerys hairstyle #1

  • First, braid the pigtail on the right side; it will smoothly go into the cone.
  • Then, using the straightener, make large broken curls on the bottom of the hair.
  • Gather the rest on the hair on the occipital zone and fix with gel or fondant to make it smooth.

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Game of Thrones Hair How To – Daenerys Targaryen Meereen Braids

Daenerys has some simple, yet striking rope braids going on in Season 4 of Game of Thrones. Here’s a quick, easy hair tutorial to teach you how to do them! Difficulty: Moderately Easy Hair Length: at least shoulder length Materials: two small elastics Skills needed: French rope braid Time cost: 5-15 minutes Ideal hairtype: any If you guys like my videos, please subscribe, give me suggestions/requests, and share!

5. Melissandra hairstyle

  • Create large curls, separate the upper part of the hair and collect it in the back of the head, leaving the parting.

Game of Thrones Hair Tutorial for Melisandre, the Red Woman

Detailed how to instructions for a braided hairstyle worn by Game of Thrones’ Melisandre, in season 4. Difficulty: Moderately Easy Hair Length: at least collar bone length Materials: 1-5 small elastics, several bobbypins Skills needed: rope braid Time cost: 15-30min ideal hairtype: wavy If you guys like my videos, please subscribe, give me suggestions/requests, and share!

6. Margaery Tyrell hairstyle

  • Dry your hair and create large curls with brushing or curling.
  • Divide the upper part of the hair into three parts on each side and create light braids.
  • Connect all in the occipital zone in the form of a sloppy beam.

Game of Thrones Hair – Margaery Tyrell

Difficulty: Easy Hair Length: at least chin length Materials: a few bobbypins, something to curl your hair Skills needed: nada Time cost: after curling, quick (10 minutes or less) Ideal hairtype: wavy or curly More tutorials on my channel “silvousplaits.” If you guys like my videos, please subscribe, give me suggestions/requests, and share!

7. Daenerys Targaryen hairstyles tutorial #2

  • Spray on wet hair with sea salt and dry with a hairdryer.
  • Separate large strands from the face and wind it up with a thin curling iron.
  • Gather your hair below the neck.

Daenerys Targaryen Hairstyles | GAME OF THRONES + | Stella

My dearest GoT fans; I am with you. So ok, Game of Thrones is like pure heaven when it comes to the versatility and lack of limit of the hairstyles the characters are seen in. I am always so baffled with how intricate and well styled all the styles are, so today I tried to replicate that on a much smaller and simpler scale.

8. Sansa Stark hairstyles #3

  • Separate the hair from ear to ear.
  • Make the harnesses.
  • Scrape your hair together to make the crown.

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Game of Thrones Hair – Sansa Stark King’s Landing Wedding Hair

Link to the blog! Difficulty: Hard Hair Length: at least bra strap length Materials: three hair inserts of different sizes, long length of cord, 8 small elastics, lots of bobbypins, hairspray Skills needed: rope braid, hair rolling Time cost: 45+ min ideal hairtype: straight If you guys like my videos, please subscribe, give me suggestions/requests, and share!

9. Arya Stark haircut

  • Divide the hair into two equal parts.
  • Start to weave them from the beginning and drag them to the end.
  • Spread the rest of the hair bun.

Game of Thrones Hair Tutorial for Short Hair – Arya in Braavos

At long last, one of the most popular Game of Thrones characters is back with another hairstyle! Arya hasn’t worn braids since she had long hair in season 1, but now that she’s in Braavos, she’s got some unique rope braid buns.

10. Missandea hairstyles

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  • Twist your hair on the small curling.
  • Separate the part from the temporal zone.
  • Begin to weave using the “harness” technique.
  • Strand your hair.

Game Of Thrones-Missandei twisted headband

Uploaded by StyledbyKami on 2015-09-25.

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