How To Enter The IT Industry With Zero Experience

Working in IT is always very interesting and exciting, but when you have no experience in this field, it becomes quite uneasy. Now we gonna tell you how to improve your chances!

We have prepared a list of 6 skills that you can add to your СV to increase the chances to get hired!

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how to find an it job with no experience

1. The ways you can get your first job

  • you can visit freelance websites;
  • you can help your acquaintances (for example, you can try to make the simple website using a modern website builder);
  • you can ask your friends, working in the IT field for help – they can assign you some easy tasks for a little reward;
  • you can participate in any university programs that can help you get a job in IT;
  • you can join the startups or just personal projects of people who already work somewhere in IT;
  • you can attend courses of IT companies, and after completing them you can get employment;
  • you can search for IT companies that recruit people for paid/unpaid internships;
  • you can opt for a remote, possibly even initially unpaid work;
  • you can try yourself in an adjacent specialization to get some experience. For example, you can opt for the manual QA to get the job in Automation later.

how to get an it job after college

2. Skills that will help you motivate the employer

2.1. Communication skills

The ability to listen and communicate is one of the key skills of any work, and especially IT.

How to tell this in your CV:

  • specify the technical documentation you have written or described the successful negotiations with the problem customer;
  • indicate if you have signed important contracts;
  • if you were a mentor or teacher, make sure to include this fact in your CV.

how to get an it job without experience

2.2. Analytic and research skills

If we talk about IT, the ability to monitor and analyze the traffic, the load of web resources and other things can be very useful in work, because a lot of decisions are made on the basis of analysis and monitoring.

How to tell this in your CV:

  • identify the tools you have used to analyze something (for example, Google Analytics);
  • describe the experience of collecting and analyzing information: writing reports, technical articles for the sites.

how to get an it job without experience

2.3. The ability to set priorities

Working in IT allows you to assume several responsibilities, and perform them simultaneously, setting the priorities. For this, you need to have the ability to quickly adapt and switch between the tasks.

How to tell this in your CV:

  • specify the tools you used to improve your performance (for example Evernote, DoItIm, Google Drive);
  • describe a successful experience in managing a project that you had to resolve, replacing a colleague who was sick.

how to get an it job without experience

2.4. A creative and innovative approach

Any far-sighted decision made with creative skills and an innovative approach is applicable to IT. You can solve problems in such a way that no one thought of before, thus bringing perspective into the project.

How to tell this in your CV:

  • highlight the various creative/innovative ideas that you implemented in the previous workplace;
  • briefly describe the tasks to which you applied an unusual approach.

how to get an it job without experience

2.5. Teamwork skills

In today’s world, teamwork is very important even if you do not work at the office. If you are a freelancer, you still have to work with clients and meet their requirements and needs.

How to tell this in your CV:

  • highlight the tools you had used to communicate with the team (Slack, Telegram, Skype);
  • describe the part of the work that was performed in the team and its result.

how to get an it job without experience

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