How To Identify Original Nivea Natural Fairness

Nivea Natural Fairness is a lineup of skin brightening and whitening products that has millions of fans in Nigeria and around the world. Unfortunately, Nivea Natural Fairness cream is also one of the most frequently faked products in the skin care market. Find out how to identify original Nivea Natural Fairness in Nigeria right now!

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Method #1

Wondering how to identify original Nivea Natural Fairness? The most surefire way is to make a smart purchase! You can effectively protect yourself against a fake product by being careful at the buying stage.

If you are shopping for your Nivea product at a physical store, make sure it looks and feels trustworthy. Buying Nivea products off the side of the road has a very slim chance of giving you a genuine product. If you prefer shopping online, look for genuine photos of the product and evaluate the general trustworthiness of the seller.

Another giveaway sign of a counterfeit product is an unbelievably low price. If someone is offering you two bottles of Nivea Natural Fairness lotion for 1,000, the first thing you should do is ask why the price is so low. The product is likely fake or almost past its expiration date, which are both good reasons not to waste money on such purchase.

How to identify original Nivea Natural Fairness

Method #2

If you are already holding a bottle or jar of Nivea Natural Fairness lotion or cream in your hands, there are several ways you can tell if that bottle or jar is genuine:

  • The most obvious signs of a fake product are grammar mistakes and bad fonts used in the label. If the font is uneven or looks unprofessional, or the label says “Natural Fariness” instead of “Natural Fairness”, your product may be fake.
  • If you are not sure whether your recently bought product is genuine, look for some images of Nivea Natural Fairness lotions and creams online. The design of the product needs to heavily feature white and dark blue colours with a little pink flower on the label. Anything different from the classic look is a cause for suspicion.
  • Nivea is known for using only top-quality materials in the packaging of its products and testing every batch of products for visual compliance to their strict standards. That is why you will never see a Nivea Natural Fairness bottle that has a wonky shape, uneven surface, or other major defects in the packaging.
  • If the lid does not close properly or is too hard to open, consider it to be a major red flag: Nivea products are famously easy to open and use, so now you know one more popular idea on how to spot fake Nivea lotion.

How to identify original Nivea Natural Fairness

Method #3

Once you have thoroughly inspected the packaging of your Nivea Natural Fairness lotion or cream but are still not sure whether the product is genuine, you can move on to the final steps identifying fake and original Nivea Natural Fairness.

The first thing to do here is to squeeze some lotion out of the bottle into the palm of your hand. Look at the consistency of the lotion. It should be smooth and rather firm. If the lotion forms bubbles in your hand, is too watery, or has an uneven consistency with chunks of an oily substance being suspended in a liquid base, the product is either fake or expired.

The next thing to pay attention to is the smell of the lotion. The original Nivea lotion has a subtle sweet aroma that is close to vanilla but is also fresh. A fake lotion will either have an unpleasant chemical odor and not contain any perfume at all or contain too much perfume and startle you with the strong smell.

Finally, try rubbing some lotion into your skin. A genuine Nivea product will be easy to apply and quick to absorb into your skin. A counterfeit lotion will take ages to rub in, and when it’s finally rubbed in, it will take even longer to be completely absorbed. A fake product may also leave an oily film on your skin, preventing it from breathing freely and causing breakouts and other side effects.

How to identify original Nivea Natural Fairness

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