How To Overcome A Smartphone Addiction: 5 Proven Tips To Change Your Life

Unlike cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, there are no warning labels on smartphones telling you something like: “Caution: this product causes addiction.”

But it is worth thinking about the amount of time spent on a meaningless update of the Twitter feed every ten minutes, reading comments on video hosting sites and endless races in a new racing game.

You won’t even notice the moment when this small tech miracle will become a substitute for reality, turning minutes into hours, months and years. You have to overcome your smartphone addiction!

And now we will give you 5 best tips on how to do that!

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1. Realize that you have a problem

Admitting that the device takes up too much space in your life is not that easy. But it is necessary!

Let’s make this task easier: try to remember, when you were meeting your friends, and they weren’t staring at their smartphones’ displays? It’s quite difficult, isn’t it?

2. Act NOW

Smartphones have become the best companions of people prone to procrastination.

Remember: there must be no “I’ll start it from Monday” or “I’ll do it at the beginning of the next month.” You can win the game only by refusing to use the device for at least a day! Just try it.

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3. Do not keep the phone handy

Put the phone somewhere to make it difficult to reach it – for example, at the other end of the room. It is much more efficient than keeping the phone next to you and testing your willpower.

When you still need to have your phone with you, turn off all unnecessary notifications. And place the applications that take too much of your time in one folder. And try to forget about it!

4. «Group therapy»

The girls often go on a diet or organize evening jogs in groups – this is how they support each other and reduce the risk of failure.

You can use the same trick to overcome the smartphone addiction: isn’t it a good idea for the whole family to take a smartphone day off together when all the smart gadgets in the house should be turned off?

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5. Get out of the comfort zone!

The lack of a smartphone, tablet or laptop with an active connection to the network at hand often throws us off balance.

But just imagine: only 15 years ago, children did not learn to read and write using mobile applications, teenagers made an appointment to go and play football without smartphones!

So why not give it a try today?

Go for a walk to the nearest park or even go hiking, leaving all your fears behind and enjoying the world around you… Visiting the relatives you really want to see instead of chatting with them on Skype…. Buy your girlfriend an amazingly smelling bouquet of daisies instead of sending stupid stickers in Viber… Don’t you think it’s a good idea? And if you think so – then go and start living your life to fullest!

Break Your Phone Addiction

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