Top 6 Apps For Time Management

An average person is surrounded by too much information and distractions. No wonder time management becomes a real challenge for students, office worker, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. However, there are many opportunities to manage your time efficiently by installing the right app. Here are some of them.

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Google Keep & Calendar

Google Keep may not be the best app for the serious task management, but together with calendar and mailbox, it can turn you into self-management superhero. Keep is a perfect notebook – convenient and with a user-friendly interface. You can create notes, store ideas, record audio, add images, etc.

You can set up synchronization, and all appointments, flights, events, etc. will be exported to a calendar. Set notifications and reminders to make sure you don’t forget anything. You’ll enjoy the interesting interface and smooth integration with the rest of Google’s apps.


Users can make notes, then to arrange them in books and shelves for convenience. These notes support various formats: text, lists, attached documents, images, links, audio, etc. The paid version offers more storage and can transform scanned documents into text, that’s really time-saving.

You can use Evernote for drawing mind maps, setting notifications and reminders, planning events and daily routine, organizing business tasks, sharing some ideas and duties with other users. The app comes with some extra programs that allow saving web pages and put hashtags for easy navigation.


You’ll enjoy pleasant design, convenient interface, and some interesting features that make this app a perfect assistant that helps to plan your schedule efficiently. You can add tasks and divide it into several subtasks, to set deadlines and priorities, and synchronize information with Gmail.

You can set up the repeated actions and share tasks with other users. Besides managing business processes and chores, you can create the lists of movies and TV shows to watch, books to read, shopping lists, and different categories for arranging your notes.

time management

Similarly to the abovementioned services, this app lets you store reminders, lists, notes, and calendar in one place. There are color tags for marking categories and priorities. You can divide tasks into categories and integrate emails into task lists instantly.

Busy people will enjoy voice notifications and integration with the calendar (there’s no need to migrate everything or add twice). You will get reminders at the set time or when reaching a particular stage of a task. A nice widget helps to keep everything handy.

Manic Time

This application helps to become more organized and disciplined. You will control your time effectively and see for what activities exactly you spend it. Users can view the statistics of social network usage, the amount of time spent on watching TV shows, web surfing, etc.

Understanding your habits will help to organize the working process, reduce distractions, maybe even deal with procrastination. You’ll also see how much time is spent on important tasks, like email communication, meetings, and negotiations – it’ll help to arrange the working load and find time for some rest.


This is rather a time management technique than a usual app. It was invented by Francesco Cirillo long before Google Play and App Store appeared – at the end of the 1980s. Users are offered to divide the tasks into 25-minute blocks – ”рomodori”.

You should take short breaks between these intervals. Every fourth block is followed by a longer break to let your body and brain restore the resources. People used to manage it all with a timer back in the 80s, but now you can get an app with motivation and gamification.

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