What To Do After You’ve Been Fired

Getting fired is one of the most stressful and feared things that can happen in your career. Losing your job without any notice can cause anxiety and depression, especially when the job market is more and more demanding. Find out what to do after getting fired!

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1. Leave on good terms

Being upset about losing your job is very understandable, but it’s important to stay civil through the firing process. You never know when and where you will meet those people again, and you want them to remember you as a good employee. What to say when you get fired from a job? Simply thank them for an opportunity to work together, express sadness that you’re leaving, and say you hope you can work again in the future.

What to do after you've been fired

2. Don’t ignore your emotions

Being fired will spark a variety of emotions and feelings in you, from rejection to desperation. Even if being let go seemed like a possibility for a while, it is still always unexpected and unwelcome. The worst thing to do here is to suppress your emotions when trying to save face.

When you’re getting fired, depression is one of the most common side effects. To prevent it from happening, make sure you have someone to talk to. It can be a family member, a friend, or a former co-worker from one of your previous jobs. However, it’s not recommended to talk to one of your current colleagues, especially if they didn’t lose their jobs – it can trigger more negative emotions in you.

What to do after you've been fired

3. Don’t rush into things

If you were let go from your job and don’t have any immediate job offers, your first instinct will be to start a search for a new job the same day you were fired. Surprisingly enough, job market experts recommend waiting for at least several days before sending out your resumes and arranging job interviews.

The reason for that is simple. When you’ve just been let go, your emotions are too raw. They can lead to some decisions that will potentially hurt your career. When you’re feeling desperate, you are more likely to agree to low pay and other bad working conditions. Wait for a couple of days to calm down and your career will be less likely to suffer.

What to do after you've been fired

4. Create a budget

Unless you have a new job opportunity lined up immediately, your finances will definitely take a toll. The important thing to do after getting fired is to get your finances in order. Analyze your expenses and divide them into necessary and unnecessary ones.

Necessary expenses like housing, food, and transportation usually cannot be cut, so you’ll have to cut the unnecessary ones like new clothes, makeup, travel, gym, and restaurants. However, you may need to allow yourself to make some small purchases, like lipstick or a new mug, to cheer you up.

What to do after you've been fired

5. Review your possibilities

It is very likely that you won’t find a new permanent job for a few weeks or months, especially if you are very career-oriented and are looking for a senior-level position. While you are searching, you can look for some side gig to get an additional income.

The side gig will largely depend on your abilities and the local job market. You can work as a delivery driver for a takeaway restaurant, an Uber driver, work as a part-time bartender or waiter, find one-time gigs on Fiverr, and generally be creative with your free time.

What to do after you've been fired

6. Update your resume

If you’ve spent the last few years working for one company, your resume is probably a little rusty. Now that you have plenty of time, you can invest proper effort into updating it. Make sure to include lots of details about your last job, since it will definitely be brought up during your job interviews.

What to do after you've been fired

7. Get a new start

Once you have recovered from the stress of losing your job, you can begin your new job search with a clean slate. There shouldn’t be any hard feelings for your old workplace – consider getting fired as a new opportunity to advance your career. So how to find a job after being fired? Believe in your success and new possibilities won’t keep you waiting!

What to do after you've been fired

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