10 Tips For A Perfect Selfie

Some people can’t spend a day without posting a selfie, while others still cannot figure out the secret of a good one. How do I take a selfie on my phone? How to take a selfie for guys? How to hold your phone when taking a selfie?

We want to look perfect – with flawless skin, nice smile, awesome background… Is it possible to take less than a hundred similar shots and try to pick “the one”? Yes, if you remember some rules. So let’s figure out how to take the perfect selfie.

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how to hold your phone when taking a selfie

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#1. Make sure you have a good camera

If you have one of those old smartphones with 5MP camera, the chances you can take an awesome photo with it are quite low. To get photos of higher quality, go old-school and use your rear camera instead of the front camera before you decide to get a new device.

#2. Find your highlights

Check out the selfies by your favourite celebrities. Most of their selfies are very similar – the same head tilt, the same camera angle, the same pose. It isn’t a coincidence. Spend some time in front of a mirror to learn how to highlight your strong sides.

#3. Shoot at the right angle

So you have detected your strengths and weaknesses, now it’s time to check out some selfie poses for girls and find a couple of shots with different angles you will use for selfies in the future. For the majority, the best camera angle is right above the eye line.

#4. Take care of the light

Depending on what photo you want to get, turn your back or face to the source of light. If you don’t do it correctly, you’ll get shadows that look like baggy skin below your eyes. Try to shoot at the daytime – natural light always looks better.

#5. Put on some makeup

It is not a must, but if you feel that some makeup will help you look fresh and beautiful, find some time for applying it. If you feel like putting on heavy makeup for that one shot, just do it.

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#6. Learn to edit

Every girl has their own shortlist of the best photo editing apps for selfies, come up with yours. After you choose the right photo among a hundred similar ones, some colour settings will make it even better. Try Facetune or Perfect365, they are frequently used by celebrities.

#7. Use filters

Huffington Post, Yahoo Labs, and Georgia Tech have analyzed almost 7.6 million photos on Instagram to find out that selfies with Mayfair, Valencia, Hefe, Nashville, and Aden filters look the most attractive and gather the biggest number of likes. Experiment with filters to find which is your perfect match.

#8. Get your latest purchases in the frame

Shopping is a great opportunity to make some new photos. Show your new cool outfits, the bags with fashionable clothes, or even something that causes doubts. The reaction of followers will help to decide whether wearing that new dress is a good idea.

#9. Don’t forget about the background

Some ladies like to be natural, but that doesn’t mean that the followers should see the mess in your bedroom or will find another selfie from the bathroom beautiful. Pay attention to what happens around you; otherwise, you risk becoming the next popular meme.

how to hold your phone when taking a selfie

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#10. Be original

You don’t need to risk your life for making a viral selfie. You don’t have to add impressive attributes to make a photo nice. Just be yourself. Show your true emotions. Add a caption that reflects your mood and ideas.

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