14 Foods To Avoid Eating During Pregnancy

Pregnancy requires taking care of your health more than ever and sticking to a healthy diet is one of the key things. It would be useful to make a list of foods to avoid in first month of pregnancy and foods to eat when pregnant first trimester.

Put those lists on a fridge, save in notes on your smartphone, share with family and friends to make sure no one brings something harmful and prohibited. We decided to help you with the pregnancy diet so below you’ll find out what foods are better to forget about for a while.

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pregnancy diet

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Refine sugar and candies

Fruit jelly, ice cream, cakes, chewing gum, pies, candies – all these products contain minimum vitamins and maximum carbs. Women tend to gain even more weight, which makes them feel extremely uncomfortable, and consume diverse coloring agents, leaveners, and stabilizers which affect baby’s liver.

White flour

Baked foods made of the white flour contain a high amount of carbs and lack vitamins that help to digest them, like B and E.

Raw foods

Meat, fish, and eggs that aren’t properly cooked contain different bacteria, the infecting agents of dangerous diseases. Still, you can include them on the list of foods to eat when pregnant but avoid even touching to raw foods without gloves.

Canned foods

Juices and vegetables you can find on supermarket shelves contain a high amount of vinegar which slows down protein secretion and suppress immunity. Protein is the main building material for the baby’s bones and brain. Also, preservative agents used for preparing canned foods act as cancerogenes.


It is better to forget about this product at all, needless to say, you need to remove it from a selection of foods to eat during pregnancy. Consuming margarine affects the IQ level of the newborn, while transfats increase a risk of cardiac diseases for both mom and baby.

Smoked foods

Look up into ingredients, and you’ll find a lot of cancerogenes among them. That’s certainly not something to feed a baby with before it is even born!

pregnancy diet

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Salt and pickles

The majority of foods you buy already contain salt so try to cook without using it, at least for a while. Salty foods cause water retention, which results in swelling and discomfort. Giving up salt during two final months of pregnancy will facilitate the labour.

Tea, coffee, chocolate

All three are powerful nerve stimulators. They have a damaging effect on a tiny baby’s organism. Caffeine can cause problems in the nervous and cardiac system, make a baby underweight or retarded. Doctors advise replacing the drinks with chicory.


Forget about ketchup, mayonnaise, and marinades – they are harmful to both mom and baby. Actually, this is quite obvious taking into account a list of ingredients.


All drinks that contain alcohol are harmful and prohibited. Even used in small amounts, alcohol is dangerous for a baby. It extrudes oxygen from your blood, the element vitally important for baby’s development.

Sushi and seafood

These products fit into the “raw foods” category we’ve already mentioned above but it is better to specify everything than miss something important. Sushi can cause infections which can lead to anomalies in development, while seafood can contain poisonous substances due to the high level of water pollution,

Unpasteurized milk

In some countries, unpasteurized milk is forbidden. The bacteria it contains can cause brucellosis, which can have even lethal outcomes. You should also avoid eating soft and blue cheeses, which are usually made of such milk.


Mushrooms are not recommended for children younger than three years. Besides natural composition that makes them difficult to digest, mushroom soak different substances from the ground. If they are delivered from the polluted areas, they are very dangerous. Champignons cultivated in greenhouses, however, are almost harmless.

pregnancy diet

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Unwashed fruit, vegetables, and berries

A list of the best fruits to eat during pregnancy will get very long. Pregnant women can eat everything they aren’t allergic to in moderate amounts. Always remember to wash fruits, vegetables, and berries before eating. Otherwise, you risk catching an infection.

Speaking about fruits to avoid during pregnancy, pineapples, papaya, and mango are on the list. They can cause digestive troubles, serious pains, and even uterine contractions. You risk to face such outcomes only after eating too many fruit but it is better to avoid any risks.

There are many food restrictions to keep in mind so now you probably think: what to eat during pregnancy? Luckily, a list of products that are useful for a baby and its mom is equally long. But that’s the subject for another story we’ll be glad to share.

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