14 Great Reasons To Start Cycling

Kids learn to ride a bike to have some fun and enjoy their leisure, but cycling is becoming more popular about adults all over the world. It can be an alternative to regular exercising, an alternative to a car, or both at the same time.

Cycling is not just spinning the pedals mindlessly. There are some accompanying types of activity that happen during every ride. Here’s a list of things you do without noticing every time you ride a bike.

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#1. Reduce stress and nervous tension

Burnouts, stresses, and emotional outbursts affect not only you but your colleagues and close people as well. In stressful circumstances, cycling becomes your therapy. Its monotonous rhythm and exertion that is easy to control help to restore the energy, distract from negative thoughts, and relax emotionally.

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#2. Train your cardiac system

Cycling is a perfect exercise for the cardiovascular system. It strengthens the vials and prevents clogging. Cycling is a less stressful activity for beginners compared to jogging, and many people will find it more effective and enjoyable.

#3. Prevent serious diseases

People who actively cycle have a lower risk to have cancer and diabetes of the second type. Cyclers are 2-3 times less prone to have a heart attack. It is a perfect activity for those, who have problems with lungs, as it improves stamina.

reasons to start cycling

#4. Burn calories fast and build muscles

Cycling is one of the fastest ways to burn calories. Different groups of muscles are involved: legs, arms, abs, shoulder joints, and healthy posture in general. You can start with short rides and increase the distance with time. A one-hour ride helps to burn 220 calories.

#5. Become fit and tough

Jogging helps to burn more calories per kilometer, but the majority cannot cover equally long distances on foot as we do when cycling. The reason lies in gravitation: you need to pull up the weight of your body with every step and to make an effort to absorb an impulse the body receives from the ground. Cycling erases the majority of body shape and weight differences, letting workout effectively.

#6. Become attentive and concentrated

Information overload often makes it difficult to concentrate on important things and focus on current issues. Some are saved by the morning coffee, some by contrast shower. Meanwhile, doctors admit that cycling is more effective than any of these means: it triggers cerebral blood supply and boosts its performance.

#7. Improve your sleep quality

Oxygen boost charges your body with energy and improves blood circulation. You are productive all day, you feel energetic and healthy, and this is what guarantees sound sleep. But doctors don’t recommend to cycle 2 hours before you go to bed — you might get too energetic.

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#8. Look younger without any procedures

Regular cycling improves skin condition. You spend a lot of time outside, your body oxygenates actively, keeping cells healthy, so your skin remains resilient and fresh-looking. Forget about unhealthy face color and black eyes. Besides, you stay young at heart and open to new challenges.

#9. Start to feel more confident

Regular cycling helps to become fit and more good-looking, and many cyclers start to feel stronger and more confident as a result. Besides, people in good shape are healthier. They have balanced endocrine profile, which helps to postpone aging.

#10. Control your appetite

The researchers from the University of Surrey came to the conclusion that cycling helps to control the appetite. During cycling, your body produces hormones that reduce cravings for food. If you want to lose weight fast and effectively, an hour-long ride couple of times a week is what you need.

#11. Spend time with family

For the majority, family time is associated with small talks, a holiday BBQ, and a weekend getaway once a year at the very best. The activity like cycling, however, will replace all of that and create more positive emotions. Just find a picturesque route.

reasons to start cycling

#12. Take care of the environment

You know how harmful are the emissions produced by vehicles. By choosing a bike instead of a car, you make a small but very valuable investment in creating a better world. You also make the first step to changing the community: someone may decide to follow your example.

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#13. Discover new kind of traveling

You can ride a bike for hours, discovering the neighborhoods, suburbs, large parks, recreational zones, etc. Many cities in different countries offer bike tours. You can choose different routes for getting to work or to other places or come up with ideas for day trips to nearby towns.

#14. Join an awesome community

If you see a professional biker riding outside the city limits, they will wave and smile at you. That’s only one of the pleasant details of cycling ethics. People, who make biking their hobby, are usually outgoing, cheerful, and up to interesting events. Check out, maybe there’s a cool community in your city/town.

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