Health Benefits Of Walnuts: The Top 11

Like most other nuts, walnuts are considered to be superfoods. Their nutritional value is so high that even a small serving of walnuts every day can do a lot of good to your health. Check out these 11 wonderful health benefits of walnuts!

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1. Heart health

Walnuts are famously rich in omega-3 fatty acid. In fact, one serving of walnuts contains more omega-3 than any other nuts we know and love. Plus, the omega-3 that comes from walnuts is more powerful than the omega-3 you get from animal sources. Omega-3 fatty acids have numerous health benefits, but, most importantly, they effectively prevent a variety of heart diseases.

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Health benefits of walnuts

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming more and more of a problem for all generations, and it turns out that the humble walnuts can help you fight this disease. Walnuts contain lots of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which are essential for maintaining your blood sugar at an optimum level.

Health benefits of walnuts

3. Pregnancy

A pregnant woman has special requirements when it comes to the nutritional value of her food intake. The B-group of vitamins is especially important for the healthy pregnancy and normal development of the fetus. Walnuts are very rich in the B-group of vitamins and contain folates and riboflavin that are essential for the baby.

Health benefits of walnuts

4. Metabolism

Most of us start out with fast metabolism which then gets slower as we age. Slow metabolism leads to all kinds of health issues, from weight gain to slow cell regeneration. Walnuts have been proven to boost the metabolism speed thanks to containing plenty of copper, iron, magnesium, and calcium, which are all powerful aids to your metabolism.

Health benefits of walnuts

5. Blood pressure

Constantly having high blood pressure puts you under a huge risk of stroke and other heart problems. According to numerous studies, even a single serving of walnuts a day can dramatically influence your blood pressure. Without constant hypertension, your heart health will be considerably improved and your risk of developing life-threatening conditions will be lowered.

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Health benefits of walnuts

6. Inflammation

Inflammation is a very common occurrence in today’s world, but there are some effective ways to limit its negative effect on your health. Regularly eating walnuts supplies your body with antioxidants and phenolic compounds, which reach every system and reduce inflammation symptoms both for immediate relief and long-term effect.

Health benefits of walnuts

7. Digestion

As we all know, fiber is an essential component in our food that helps our digestive system function properly. Unfortunately, in many cases, our meals lack valuable fiber. You can easily solve this problem by adding a handful of walnuts to your diet as a snack or an ingredient in stews and salads.

Health benefits of walnuts

8. Better sleep

Insomnia is one of the banes of our existence, and the most common reason for insomnia is wrong sleep patterns. Walnuts are naturally rich in melatonin, which is the number one solution for making your sleep patterns better and improving your sleep. Plus, walnuts can reduce stress, which also leads to better sleep.

Health benefits of walnuts

9. Brain health

Many of us think that walnuts resemble the human brain in their appearance, and it may be more than just a coincidence. The vitamin E, polyphenols, and polyunsaturated fat contained in walnuts have been found to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, as well as improving memory, cognitive abilities, and reducing anxiety.

Health benefits of walnuts

10. Bone health

Healthy bones are something we learn to appreciate when we’re older, but you need to take better care of your bones starting right now. A good way to improve bone density is to eat more walnuts: they contain not only large amounts of calcium, but also vitamin B, copper, and zinc, which improve calcium absorption and retention in the body.

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Health benefits of walnuts

11. Slower aging

The vitamin B contained in walnuts has a strong anti-aging effect. It is noticeable not only with your internal systems, but also on your skin. Regularly consuming walnuts and taking good care of your skin reduces signs of aging and promotes a youthful look.

Health benefits of walnuts

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