How To Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Most of us don’t have an endless budget to spend on clothes, but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to look trendy and presentable. Luckily, there are many ways to make even the cheapest clothes look like you’ve had them made by a designer. Check out top ways to make inexpensive clothes look chic!

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1. Keep your wardrobe more classic than trendy

Chasing after the latest trends is very tempting when you’re looking at Instagram queens of fashion, but the truth is that it’s not very practical. Super trendy clothes are the first one to become obsolete. Things like culottes, chokers, oversized tops, and other clothes that are incredibly trendy right now will probably fall into oblivion the next season.

That is why you should spend most of your clothing budget on timeless pieces. Dark wash jeans, pencil skirts, flared dresses, button-up shirts, little black dresses, ballet slippers, Converse sneakers, and stiletto pumps are just some of the things that will never go out of fashion.

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How to make cheap clothes look expensive

2. Tailor your clothes

Inexpensive clothes are usually made to fit the parameters of an ideal model, but few people actually have those parameters in real life. You may love your new dress or jumpsuit, but there are always things that can be improved, whether it’s a shorter hem or a better-fitted waist.

The key to making cheap clothes look like they’re fresh from a designer rack is to tailor them perfectly to your body. You can take the clothes to a professional tailor, but if you plan to do many of those alterations in the future, you’ll be better off if you buy a sewing machine and learn the basics of clothes tailoring and repair.

How to make cheap clothes look expensive

3. Minimize the embellishments

Clothes can be made infinitely better by using various embellishments and designer logos, but it’s also a common way of making your outfits look cheap. Embellishments may look cute when your clothing item is new, but in a few years, when half of the stones or sequins fall out from their spot, your clothes will never look as good as they once did.

The same goes for large brand logos. In many cases, the logos are put on clothes not to tell everyone how expensive the garment is, but rather to use you as a free advertisement for the company. Plus, truly expensive brands rarely put huge logos on their designs. That is why we don’t recommend buying visibly branded items.

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How to make cheap clothes look expensive

4. Take care of your clothes

Washing, drying, and ironing are essential parts of the lifecycle of clothes, but there are wrong and right ways to do it. First, try to wash your clothes are rarely as possible – unless, of course, they are stained or smell bad. Second, choose the mildest setting on your washing machine and avoid aggressively drying your clothes in the machine.

When it comes to ironing, it’s important to choose the lowest temperature that can still iron your stuff. Moreover, if you want to preserve the fresh look of your clothes for a long time, opt for a steamer rather than regular iron.

How to make cheap clothes look expensive

5. Consider going monochrome

Dressing in a monochrome colour scheme not only helps you minimize the number of clothes in your wardrobe, but also makes your whole look more expensive. Black is the most obvious choice for a monochromatic wardrobe: it’s incredibly chic, is easy to pair with any other clothes and accessories you may have, and a favourite of the most renowned designers.

How to make cheap clothes look expensive

6. Invest in the right underwear

Underwear may be something only you and your partner can see, but the undergarments you wear can have a huge effect on the way your clothing looks. If your underwear doesn’t fit you, your gorgeous look will be spoiled by wrinkles and lines in the wrong places. Undergarments don’t have to be extremely expensive, but they need to be fitted precisely to your body.

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How to make cheap clothes look expensive

7. Get some expensive accessories

While you are trying to save money on clothes, you can splurge on a couple of expensive accessories like high-quality footwear, designer handbags, and statement jewelry. These items will instantly elevate your whole look. Plus, they won’t fall out of fashion for decades, which means they will be with you through all wardrobe changes and trends.


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