Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

Animal print is one of the most controversial trends in modern fashion. Many fashionistas own at least one animal print piece, but many consider it to be tasteless and obsolete. However, animal print can be part of many winning outfits. Check out 15 best ideas on how to wear animal print!

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1. Look #1

Animal print, especially when it’s a snakeskin pattern, automatically draws everyone’s attention to you, but there are still ways to make your look rather understated. For example, a snakeskin turtleneck with loose-fitting trousers is a great and subtle casual outfit.

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Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

2. Look #2

Another great way to subtly introduce animal print into your wardrobe is to get an animal pattern blazer. It can be worn with anything from your favourite jeans to a little black dress, and it looks perfectly appropriate in any situation.

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

3. Look #3

Looking for ideas on how to wear animal print to the office? It’s true that not every animal pattern piece is suitable for a workplace environment, but this cute leopard top, paired with a pencil skirt and feminine blazer, wouldn’t look out of place at any office.

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

4. Look #4

Sometimes you don’t want to go all in with your love for animal print, and that’s perfectly understandable. To keep things trendy but understated, add a pair of killer leopard heels to your outfit and enjoy your fashion queen status.

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

5. Look #5

If you are looking for an animal print outfit that will make you the centre of everyone’s attention, a skin-tight jumpsuit with a snakeskin pattern is certainly a foolproof choice.

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

6. Look #6

Mix and match outfits are challenging even when the prints are fairly standard, but combining two and more animal prints in one outfit is a whole art. Here is a great way to do it without looking too risqué.

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Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

7. Look #7

If you are a beginner when it comes to animal prints and want to take the safe approach when incorporating them into your style, pair your new piece with something you particularly love from your wardrobe and feel comfortable in.

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

8. Look #8

The beauty of this animal print outfit is that you can easily transform it from an office look into an outfit for a night out simply by changing your footwear and adding a couple of standout accessories.

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

9. Look #9

In case you already feel perfectly comfortable with animal prints and are not afraid to make them the centre of your look, how about this chic snakeskin suit? Just imagine yourself going into a business meeting in an outfit like that!

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

10. Look #10

When the print of your dress is as attention-grabbing and striking as leopard print, it’s best to let the dress do the talking and keep the rest of the outfit, including the shoes and accessories, rather simple.

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

11. Look #11

A shirt dress is an ideal daytime piece: it’s very comfortable, perfect for any body type, and looks appropriate on any occasion. An animal print shirt dress is an even better choice of an outfit for summer!

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

12. Look #12

We are used to thinking about animal prints as a mainstay of summer fashion, but the truth is that they can look very cozy all year round. Check out how to pair a leopard print skirt with a relaxed off-shoulder sweater.

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

13. Look #13

Leopard print with denim is an unexpected choice of an outfit, but we can’t help but admit that the two pieces work perfectly together.

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

14. Look #14

If you are on a search of an ideal summer outfit with an animal print, consider this lightweight leopard pattern cocktail dress. It will look great at any summer party!

Animal Print Fashion Styles You Will Love

15. Look #15

Add some Parisian chick to your animal print outfit by wearing a beret on your head and accessorizing the look with a tiny and delicate purse.

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