Check Out Your Favourite Celebrities Do The #HFactorChallenge

It seems like every month we have a hilarious and memorable internet challenge or meme to laugh at. This month, Nigerians can’t get enough of the #HFactorChallenge. Find out more about the #HFactorChallenge and check out the most impressive attempts from your favourite celebrities!

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1. What is the #HFactorChallenge?

The #HFactorChallenge was started by the rapper Falz. Last week, he uploaded a video to Instagram with his attempt to say the phrase “Can her hair earn her an A?” several times in a row and rather quickly. Falz’s rendition of the phrase was very funny, as were his reactions, and instantly generated thousands of likes.

“Can her hair earn her an A” 👈🏾 Say this 5 times really quickly and see how Yoruba you are. Lol. #HfactorChallenge

116.6k Likes, 5,875 Comments – Falz TheBahdGuy (@falzthebahdguy) on Instagram: “”Can her hair earn her an A” 👈🏾 Say this 5 times really quickly and see how Yoruba you are. Lol….”

Since then, the #HFactorChallenge was recreated by dozens of Nigerian celebrities who find it particularly hard to say these exact words in this particular order. Here are the best celebrity versions of the #HFactorChallenge so far.

2. Top 5 celebrity #HFactorChallenge videos

Since Falz was the one who started the #HFactorChallenge craze, most of the attempts to recreate the video were uploaded to his Instagram as well. These are the 5 videos that impressed us the most.

1. Simi

The Nigerian sweetheart singer Simi couldn’t stay away from the trend and made her own version of the challenge. Her attempt showed off her skills and was nearly flawless if it wasn’t for her phone falling down in the middle of the performance.

😂😂😂😂 they dinnor say sing it oh @symplysimi #HfactorChallenge

76.4k Likes, 2,283 Comments – Falz TheBahdGuy (@falzthebahdguy) on Instagram: “😂😂😂😂 they dinnor say sing it oh @symplysimi #HfactorChallenge”

2. Adekunle Gold

Simi’s husband and a music superstar on his own, Adekunle Gold was expected to be the best at the #HFactorChallenge. And while he gave his all to the attempt to recreate the challenge, it was not as impressive as his wife’s.

Can hurr hurrr whaat 😭😭😭 @adekunlegold #HfactorChallenge

63.8k Likes, 1,086 Comments – Falz TheBahdGuy (@falzthebahdguy) on Instagram: “Can hurr hurrr whaat 😭😭😭 @adekunlegold #HfactorChallenge”

3. Femi Adebayo

Even though most of the celebrities taking part in the #HFactorChallenge are musicians, it is nice to see someone like Femi Adebayo try his best to say the phrase five times in a row. Even though Femi wasn’t as successful as he’d probably hoped, being able to laugh at yourself can be even more important.

@femiadebayosalami #HfactorChallenge hehena and hey!

32.3k Likes, 1,276 Comments – Falz TheBahdGuy (@falzthebahdguy) on Instagram: “@femiadebayosalami #HfactorChallenge hehena and hey!”

4. Ladipoe

Ladipoe is one of the newcomers of the Nigerian music scene, but his version of the #HFactorChallenge is nothing short of impressive. The musician not only completely aced the challenge, but also explained his technique for being so great at it.

@ladipoe oshayyy Mr professor 😂😂 what is kanahur ? #HfactorChallenge

28.4k Likes, 985 Comments – Falz TheBahdGuy (@falzthebahdguy) on Instagram: “@ladipoe oshayyy Mr professor 😂😂 what is kanahur ? #HfactorChallenge”

5. Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy is a force to be reckoned with, which is why it is so refreshing to see his lighthearted attitude to the #HFactorChallenge. Even though his attempt at recreating the challenge was not the most successful one, it is still very funny and memorable.

@donjazzy #HfactorChallenge 😂😂😂😂😂😂

62.4k Likes, 4,070 Comments – Falz TheBahdGuy (@falzthebahdguy) on Instagram: “@donjazzy #HfactorChallenge 😂😂😂😂😂😂”

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