All Our Favourite Hairstyles From The #DMXChallenge

Just when you think you’ve seen every possible internet trend, in comes another one. The #DMXchallenge, which has been taking the internet by storm, was started earlier this month. Since then, numerous ladies have taken part in the trend. Here are our favourite styles from the #DMXchallenge!

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1. What is the #DMXchallenge

DMX is a popular US rapper with a successful career that spanned over decades. However, DMX got a new wave of relevance when female fans uncovered a 2001 song by DMX called What They Really Want. They felt instantly inspired to create a new challenge for their fellow female internet users.

This song contains a long list of female names. Some clever internet user felt like it was the perfect opportunity to showcase the versatility of her hair to the addictive sounds of the song chorus. Hundreds of more women followed suit, and right now we have numerous iterations of the trend to admire.

Taking part in the #DMXchallenge is super easy. Just take your favourite photos of yourself wearing different hairstyles, turn them into a slideshow, add the DMX song, and upload the video to your Twitter or Instagram account. That’s it – now you’re a part of one of the hottest summer 2019 trends!

DMX – What They Really Want ft. Sisqo (Official Video)

Stream – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Music video by DMX performing What They Really Want. (C) 2001 The Island Def Jam Music Group #DMX #WhatTheyReallyWant #Vevo

2. Top 8 versions of the #DMXchallenge we loved

We must say that we have seen so many version of the #DMXchallenge and were impressed by every single one. However, there were 8 that stood out due to their creativity and amazing hairstyles that will surely inspire a huge online following.

This lady managed to find a suitable hairstyle for every name featured in the song, which is something that left us in awe.

Tawanna on Twitter

Thought I’d do the #dmxchallenge 🤗 I really had a different hairstyle for all 46 names, including the 3 different Kims 💁🏽‍♀️

It took the next beauty just less than 3 years to create an admirable collection of hairstyles. How many hairstyles have you changed during this time?

mał. on Twitter

Serving looks is a hobby! Us black women are so versatile! 😎 vids from 2016-present #dmxchallenge

Notice a universal trend in all of this woman’s stunning hairstyle changes? That’s right, every single one of the features some shade of blue! We can’t help but admire the effort that goes into maintaining this gorgeous look.

Olori SWANK on Twitter

Issa #DMXchallenge. ⁣ ⁣ …how did I have a different hairstyle for all these girls DMX was naming tho?! And they all blue. 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

Speaking of beautiful and outstanding hair colours, we couldn’t even count how many shades this #DMXchallenge partaker used in her many charming hairstyles.

the deep on Twitter

I mean… I just had to #dmxchallenge

The next lady clearly prefers black hair colour over the more vivid shades, but the versatility of her styles is definitely inspiring.

thatlashtech on Twitter

dmxchallenge I MEAN… why not 😅

Natural hair, extensions, braids, wigs – there is no black hairstyle trend you wouldn’t find in this lady’s recreation of the challenge!

Tay Baby on Twitter

Hopped on it. Black hair so versatile 🤣 #dmxchallenge

We were definitely surprised to see that the #DMXchallenge wasn’t exclusively female! This man’s hairstyle versatility and excellence are certainly worthy of all the praise.

Whigney BEEN Houston on Twitter

Clearly too much time on my hands #dmxchallenge

Finally, this user showed us all that true versatility is not just about different hairstyles, but also different hair accessories like the gorgeous authentic headscarves.

fvlani 🇸🇦🇲🇱🇳🇪 on Twitter

dmxchallenge I’m here ✨

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