How To Make Beaded Braids

Beaded braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles for Nigerian ladies and women all over the world. Beaded hairstyles manage to be bold, authentic, trendy, and beautiful at the same time. Want to spice up your hairstyle with some beads? Here is a tutorial on how to make beaded braids!

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1. What you’ll need

The incredibly cool beaded braid hairstyle isn’t the easiest one to recreate, but it does require a minimum of equipment. Depending on whether you are making braids from your own hair or using extensions, you may need hair extensions from your favourite brand.

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Besides extensions, you will also need beads. There are special hair beads sold at specialized stores and online. They differ in sizes, shapes, and colours, However, most fashionistas prefer simple and affordable plastic beads in a variety of colours, although wooden beads in natural tones also work great.

You will also need hair clips for securing the rest of the hair while working on a braid, and a bead threader for easy installation of the beads onto the hair. A threader will allow you to put on several beads onto a braid at once, which saves lots of time. That’s it – you have everything you need for beaded braids!

2. How to make beaded braids

There is no better way to explain how to make beaded braids than through a video. This helpful video tutorial demonstrates the process of easy bead installation.

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With this method, you can decorate all of your braids with beads without spending too much time and effort on the process. Check out the braid beading tutorial below:

How to add Beads to Hair | DIY

Hey Friends, I have had a few requests to make a tutorial on how to add beads to hair. I hope this helps!

3. Beaded braid styles

If you already know that you want to try beaded braids, all that is left to decide is which style you prefer. There are hundreds of different ways to style beaded braids that differ in bead thickness and braids, as well as the number, size, and colour of the beads used. Here are our favourite beaded braid styles.

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If you feel like it, you can go wild with your choice of beads! Combining different shapes and colours in your hairstyle showcases your impeccable style and taste.

This choice of a beaded hairstyle is undoubtedly bold, but we believe it will inspire more ladies to try more daring styles with their hair.

Lemonade braids look fantastic on their own, but adding beads to them makes the whole hairstyle even more original and authentic.

Simple round clear beads may not be as visible and striking as some of the other styles in this post, but they look very polished and universally flattering.

If you want to spice up your braided bob hairstyles, consider adding some colourful beads. In this case, wooden beads put a traditional twist on the novelty style.

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