All You Need To Know About The Jiji Business Challenge

This autumn, Jiji is holding an exclusive promotion for new Jiji sellers. If you have never sold on Jiji but have always wanted to try, now is the best time to do it, because the Jiji Business Challenge has just started! Here is everything you need to know about participating in the challenge.

Sell with confidence and boost your business with Jiji

1. What is the Jiji Business Challenge?

The Jiji Business Challenge is an initiative by Jiji to help new Jiji sellers start their online business with great results. This challenge is completely free for you to take part in and requires only three things: something you want to sell, a Jiji app, and a step-by-step guide you will find in this post.

Participating in the Jiji Business Challenge gives a free trial boost to one of your ads. Your ad will be displayed higher in the search results and will be highlighted to make it more visible. Attracting new customers has never been easier!

With the Jiji Business Challenge, your new online business will get an effective kickstart. Your ad will be seen by millions of Jiji users and you will easily find the customers for anything you want to sell. Don’t hesitate and take part in the challenge now!

2. How to participate in the Jiji Business Challenge

To take part in the Jiji Business Challenge, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Register on Jiji by following this link:
  2. Post an ad of anything you want to sell via this link:
  3. Include the hashtag #jijibusinesschallenge in your ad description.
  4. Contact the Jiji manager on your profile with the request for the boost.

That’s it! Soon you will see your ad boosted absolutely for free. Experience the benefits of promoting your ad, including the growing number of customers and more visible online presence, without paying anything!

3. Frequently asked questions

Our users have been asking questions about the Jiji Business Challenge, and here are answers to the most popular ones:

Is the Jiji Business Challenge only for new users? Can I, an existing user, take part in it?

The Jiji Business Challenge is open to new users only – creating your account on Jiji is part of the challenge.

For how long will the Jiji Business Challenge last?

The offer lasts until the end of October.

Can I post my ad to any category or is the selection of categories for the challenge limited?

Yes, you can post your ad to absolutely any category with no restrictions at all!

How long will it take for the boost to become active on my ad?

Due to the number of requests, it can take our managers up to several days to deliver the boost to your ad.

For how long will my ad be boosted?

Your ad will be boosted for 10 days.

4. How to start selling on Jiji

If you are interested in joining millions of successful Jiji sellers, here are the five simple steps you need to take:

  1. Download our free Jiji app for Android to your mobile phone.
  2. Enter the registration details – your login and password.
  3. Choose something you want to sell and take clear, attractive photos of the product in good lighting.
  4. Click the button to create a new ad. Add a title and write a detailed description of the product.
  5. Attach your photos and publish the ad.

Now that your ad is live, it will be discovered by the Jiji users, which will help you reach the desired revenue and recognition sooner than you expected!

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