Glittery And Sequin Wedding Reception Dress Styles

Many Nigerian brides prefer to have more than one dress for their wedding. Reception wedding dresses are often more modern and trendy than the gowns worn during the ceremony. Here are 15 best wedding reception gowns with glitter or sequins we have seen recently!

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1. Dress #1

Coral is already one of the most popular colours in Nigerian weddings, but you can make your coral reception dress even more memorable and striking by using a sequined fabric that looks amazing both in photographs and in real life.

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2. Dress #2

If you find both sequins and glitter to not be celebratory enough for your big day, you can opt for the fringe! It instantly elevates the look of any dress, and just imagine how fun it will feel when you are dancing the night away!

3. Dress #3

There are many things that make this bridal reception look simply too stunning for words. The sequined fabric looks extremely expensive and meticulously made, and the unusual one-shoulder design with an asymmetric cape make it one of the most high-fashion gowns we’ve seen this year.

4. Dress #4

In case you don’t feel like using glitter or sequins all over your wedding reception gown, you can use them as accents. This design cue works especially great if you are using coloured sequins on top of a solid background.

5. Dress #5

The next bridal reception gown is worthy of any royalty. The elegant dove-grey colour, the understated cape design, and the charming sequin decoration are what makes this dress a perfect choice for any bride.

6. Dress #6

If you are a bride-to-be who has an unconventional taste, you can skip the more traditional colours like white, pink, and grey in favour of the striking and flattering sapphire blue colour. It looks especially good when paired with adorable sparkles!

7. Dress #7

Red is another interesting choice for a wedding reception gown – it highlights your already high status as the bride. Red can be paired with many colours, but silver sequins create a particularly interesting combination.

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8. Dress #8

The next wedding reception gown is so striking that you can easily imagine it on any celebrity gracing the red carpet. The unusual colour and the beautiful sequin detailing make it an excellent option for your reception look.

9. Dress #9

If your wedding reception vibe is more relaxed than high-fashion, you can easily opt for a robe dress. To avoid your silky robe dress looking too casual, use a fabric that has been beautifully decorated with sequins.

10. Dress #10

If you are a girl who likes to go all-in with every aspect of your life and you happen to like sequins, you are going to love the next dress. These huge sequins create a surprisingly tasteful and photogenic wedding reception look.

11. Dress #11

This wedding reception gown utilizes several of the most popular reception dress design trends of the year: the one-shoulder cut, the interesting skirt design, and the glittery fabric that looks exceptionally well-made.

12. Dress #12

Black is another unconventional choice for a wedding reception dress, but even though this choice may seem risky, it always pays off. Black is also one of the best colours for glittery and sequined dress designs.

13. Dress #13

If you are in a mood for some classic Nigerian wedding reception fashion, this dress should be right up your street. The charming apricot colour, the traditional mermaid design, and the sparkly rhinestones are what makes this dress perfect.

14. Dress #14

The next gown shares the lively colour and the sequined bodice with the previous design, but this is where the similarities end. The feather detailing of the skirt, along with a slit and modern bodice design, will definitely inspire many Nigerian brides.

15. Dress #15

If you like to be in the centre of attention, which is completely understandable since it’s your wedding reception, here is a dress you are guaranteed to like. The red velvet and silver sparkles are a true match made in heaven!

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