Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Date

The wedding date is not just an important aspect of your wedding on its own – it will influence every other aspect of the ceremony, from the location to the catering. Find out how to make the best choice when choosing the date for your wedding!

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1. Special date

Perhaps, the first important question you’ll need to answer when choosing the date for your wedding is whether you want to commemorate another important date with your ceremony. It can be the anniversary of your first date, the birthday of the bride and the groom, Valentine’s Day, or any other day that is special to both of you. If there is a date you would like to commemorate, all other tips for choosing the wedding date are pretty irrelevant in your case.

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2. Season

Even if there aren’t many weather changes in your area, the choice of a season for the wedding will still have plenty of influence on the ceremony. We all think of seasons differently, but there are also some universal truths. For example, summer weddings are all about a relaxed vibe and tropical colours.

Winter weddings are often elegant and opulent. Autumn wedding ceremonies are warm, cosy, and perfect for intimate weddings. Finally, spring weddings have a fresh feeling and are perfect for using pastels and lots of green.

3. Budget

If you have never studied wedding planning in detail, you may be surprised to learn that the average cost of the wedding differs from season to season. For several past decades, the most popular wedding months are June, September, and October.

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The reason why prices go up during those months is that there is a lot of competition for the best venues, wedding planners, bakers, and other services. If you are not too determined to have your wedding in June, September, or October, you can save a considerable amount of money and effortlessly get into your dream venue.

4. Availability

When choosing the perfect date for your wedding, you need to take into account your and your future spouse’s possible work or family commitments. If your future spouse is a tourism agent, they are probably very busy during summer, while teachers usually have the summer off.

In addition to that, you also need to consider the availability of the most important guests of the ceremony – usually, it includes the parents and the children. If any of them have anything preventing them from attending the wedding on your selected date, you may want to move the date to give them a chance to make it to your wedding.

5. Engagement

Most couples spend some time between the proposal and the actual wedding ceremony, but the amount of time you may have can be very different depending on your preferred wedding date. If you are known for being quick and decisive, you can plan your wedding in as little as 3-4 months after the proposal.

However, most couples need longer than that to plan the wedding they have always dreamed of. When choosing the date for your ceremony, it’s best to plan the event at least 6 months after the proposal, so that you have enough time to make every aspect of the wedding just perfect.

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