Top Styles Of Dresses That Flatter Your Figure

The process of choosing a perfect dress includes a lot of factors, from the season to the latest trends in dress fashion. However, the most important parameter is whether it fits your figure and highlights your best features. Here are the types of dresses that will flatter your body type.

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1. Hourglass body type

Women with hourglass bodies consider themselves lucky and they have every right to do so. An hourglass figure is considered to be the most balanced body type out there. Plus, it’s very easy to find a flattering dress for your pronounced curves and tiny waist.

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The most important tip we could ever give to hourglass-shaped ladies is to choose dresses that highlight your waist. In addition to that, your clothes need to be generally well-fitted. You can also go for the V-neck or sweetheart neckline to add volume to your cleavage.

2. Rectangle body type

A rectangle figure is noticeably different from the hourglass body type. While this type of figure can be well-balanced, there is not much definition, which means your chest, waist, and hips look roughly the same width. Your goal here is to add some balance to your shape.

One of the most effective ways to do it is to choose dresses with a pronounced waist and more volume in the upper and lower parts of the construction. Various ruffles and multi-layered garments are your best friend in this situation, and you can also show off your slim legs and arms.

3. Pear body type

A pear figure, where the lower part of the body is noticeably heavier than the upper part, has been popularized by the likes of Kim Kardashian. Many people work hard in the gym to achieve that body type, so if you’re all-natural, you should be grateful for your genes.

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With a pear body type, you have two main solutions. The first one is to highlight your lower part with skinny jeans and tight-fitting skirts and dresses. The other is bring more balance to your figure by choosing dresses and tops with lots of volume on the top and a more precisely-fitted bottom.

4. Apple body type

The apple type of figure, where the shoulders, the chest, and midriff carry most of the weight, is considered to be one of the most challenging body types to style flatteringly. The key here is to add some balance and draw attention to your strongest features.

Apple-shaped ladies usually have slim and long legs, so this is the area you should highlight with short skirts and dresses. A good idea to make your chest and midriff more balanced is to rock plunging necklines that visually elongate your torso.

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5. Inverted triangle body type

When you have an inverted triangle figure, you have probably been often referred to as athletic. With this body type, your shoulders are the broadest part of your body, while your hips are relatively unpronounced. The idea here is to add definition to the lower part of your body.

Straight-cut jeans and flared skirts should become your go-to wardrobe items. If you want to rock dresses, make sure they don’t add any volume to your upper part. V-neck and plunging neckline dresses and tops also add the much-needed balance to your body.

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