The Best Nail Polish Colours For Dark Skin Tones

For most ladies, beautiful nails are as important as tasteful makeup or elegant clothes. There are many ways to choose a nail polish colour to wear today, but your nail polish shade should also be complementary to your skin tone. Here are 10 nail polish colours that look fantastic on dark skin tones.

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1. Classic red

Classic red is one of the few nail polish shades that suit every skin tone. It is also a colour that looks perfectly appropriate in any situation, from the workplace to your own wedding. Whenever you want your nails to tell a story, classic red colour is your go-to shade.

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2. Pastel pink

Pastel pink is a lovely nail polish colour that looks festive, adorable, and slightly naive. It can be a great choice for your manicure on its own, but pastel pink can also be successfully combined with other shades – for example, pastel blue, silver, or black.

3. Neons

If you have always looked at the striking bottles of neon nail polish but never thought it could be a good fit for you, neon polishes can instantly prove you wrong! Neon pinks, yellows, greens, blues, and purples make your chocolate skin shine. For an extra dose of colour, wear a coat of opaque white polish underneath the neon shade.

4. Dark red

In case you are looking for something more dramatic, consider the dark red shades of nail polish. These colours are rightfully believed to be some of the most elegant shades you can wear on your nails. Dark red polish looks great on long nails, but it is also a fabulous choice for short statement nails.

5. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a nail polish colour that will always attract attention to your hands, so it’s a great option to wear to a party or another event where you want to be instantly noticed. Fuchsia creates a great pairing with darker skin tones, and glittery or shimmering fuchsia polish can help you attract even more attention.

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6. Mint

Mint is a unique colour that is a cross between blue and green. Mint nail polish shades are often pastel, but they also can be more pronounced. With a mint manicure, your hands will look smooth and youthful. It’s also the perfect colour to wear on vacation or simply during summer.

7. Nude

Nude nails are one of the most popular types of manicure around the world that visually elongates and slims down your fingers, but the shade of nude polish you choose matters a lot. Your nude nail polish should be as close to your natural skin tone as possible – only then you will achieve the desired effect of making your nails look longer and slimmer.

8. Orange

Women with light and medium skin tones are often wary of orange nail polishes, but if you have darker skin, orange can be an excellent choice for your manicure. Chocolate skin really makes orange nail polish pop and it looks gorgeous both in the sun and in the shade.

9. Metallics

If your goal is to get your manicure noticed – for example, if you are going to an important party and want to make a lasting impression – consider putting some metallics on your fingertips. From the traditional silver and gold to the trendy rose gold, red, or green metallics – there are dozens of options you can choose from.

10. Dark green

Dark green can look very solemn on lighter skin tones, but on chocolate skin, it brings a relaxed and tropical white. This is a colour that looks amazing both in a shiny and matte finish. It can also be used in a number of designs for every occasion.

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