20 Things To Look Forward To In 2020

With only a few days left until the New Year, we can not only remember what happened in 2019, but also think about the things we are looking forward to in 2020. Here are the 20 most anticipated events scheduled to happen next year!

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1. Total solar eclipse

On December 14, 2020, or nearly a full year from now, the Earth will witness a total solar eclipse. It will be mostly visible in South America, but the rest of the world will undoubtedly take a good look at it via online streams.

2. Met Gala

As always, the eyes of millions of fashion fans around the world will be glued to the Met Gala in May. This year’s event is called “About Time: Fashion and Duration” and will be co-hosted by Meryl Streep.

3. Leap year

Even though leap years happen every four years, it is still something to be excited about. With an extra 24 hours to accomplish what you want, 2020 can become your most productive year in a long time!

4. Bond returns

2020 will be a great year for the film industry, and one of the most anticipated releases is the new Bond film, which is called “No Time to Die” and scheduled to come out in April. Rumoured to be the last Bond film starring Daniel Craig, it is destined to become a hit.

5. Olympic Games

Next year has something in store for everyone, including sports fans. The Summer Olympics 2020 will take place in Tokyo from July 24 to August 9.

6. New iPhone

It is highly likely that Apple will unveil several new iPhone models in September of 2020, but what’s even more interesting that one of the new iPhones may be foldable – after all, Samsung, Apple’s biggest rival. has already released its foldable smartphone.

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7. Cardi B album

Since the release of her 2018 album, Cardi B has been pretty busy with motherhood and film career. In 2020, she is expected to make a triumphant return to music with a brand new record.

8. Reduced use of plastic

As the world begins to care more and more about the environment, more businesses and individuals pledge to use less plastic – maybe it’s time for everyone to consider the same measures!

9. Marvel’s Avengers videogame

The Avengers has been one of the most influential franchises of the decade, so it’s perfectly understandable that in 2020 they will also try to break into the videogame market.

10. 5G network

With numerous smartphones already having 5G capabilities and with mobile service providers testing 5G everywhere in the world, including Nigeria, 5G will definitely change the way we use the internet in 2020.

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11. World’s tallest building

Move over, Burj Khalifa in Dubai – in 2020, the title of the tallest building in the world is expected to go to the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia. It is going to be almost 1000 meters tall!

12. Kendrick Lamar album

Kendrick Lamar has not confirmed that he is working on new music, but with his latest album being released in 2017 and with tour dates scheduled for summer 2020, Kendrick may surprise everyone with a new album next year.

13. Fast & Furious 9

Years ago, few people would have predicted the longevity of the Fast & Furious franchise, but here we are – the 9th film in the series will feature all the regulars and is called the most ambitious one yet.

14. Euro 2020

Arguably the biggest event in soccer will take place in the early summer of 2020, and even though it is something Nigeria doesn’t take part in, we can still support our favourites.

15. Samsung Galaxy S11

The previous models in the Samsung Galaxy lineup have set an example of beautifully designed and technically flawless smartphones, but we have no doubts that the upcoming Galaxy S11 will top everyone’s expectations once again.

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16. 2020 World Expo

The World Expo is only held once every 5 years, so the 2020 event in Dubai is guaranteed to attract lots of attention. It will last for 173 days and will feature achievements and presentations from 192 countries.

17. Iron Man VR

VR games seem to be all the rage in the world of video gaming, and millions of fans are looking forward to Iron Man VR, which will feature the beloved Marvel character and some very cool technologies.

18. Birds of Prey

If you watched the 2016 Suicide Squad and were fascinated by the leading female character Harley Quinn, you’re in luck, because in 2020, she will return with a brand new Birds of Prey film.

19. Return to the moon

It has been long since people have landed on the moon, and in 2020 it’s about to change. 2020 will mark the first step of the program to return to the moon, and if everything goes according to plan, in 2024, we will see the first crewed mission to the moon in the 21st century.

20. Holidays

In 2020, everyone’s favourite holidays will have a great schedule: Valentine’s Day and Christmas will take place on Fridays, Halloween will happen on Saturday, and on New Year, we will have a 3-day weekend.

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