How To Plan A Bridal Shower

When planned and executed the right way, a bridal shower can be as fun and memorable as the wedding itself. A bridal shower is a great way for the female friends and family members of the bride to come together and celebrate her transition into married life. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to plan a perfect bridal shower.

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1. Choose the date

If the bride and the groom have already chosen a date for their wedding, you can use it to select the date for the bridal shower. Typically, the bridal shower takes place in a month or two before the wedding, but you can choose another date that fits into everyone’s schedule.

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2. Choose the budget

Choosing the budget for the bridal shower may be as important as the theme of the party and its other aspects. A bridal shower does not need to break your bank in order to be fun for everyone involved: there are plenty of great bridal shower activities and ideas for any budget.

3. Create the guest list

A bridal shower is a party for people who are closest to the bride, which means the guest list for the event requires a careful approach. You can ask the bride to draft around 30-50 names of people she would want to see both at her bridal shower and her wedding and then come back to it several times to edit it.

4. Choose a theme

A bridal shower theme is not a mandatory requirement for the event – you can have a fantastic shower without any theme at all. However, a special theme will help you decide the party’s decor, food, music, and even the dress code for the guests.

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5. Choose a location

The location for your bridal shower will largely depend on the theme of the event and some other factors. The easiest way to have a bridal shower is to hold it at the bride’s house or the house of her relatives and friends. You can also plan a bridal shower in a restaurant or nearby resort. However, certain bridal shower themes – for example, a pool party – call for their own unique locations.

6. Invite your guests

The guests of the bridal shower need to have plenty of time to make the arrangements, prepare their outfits, and whatnot. That is why, as soon as you have the date, location, and possible theme for the party, you need to invite the guests. You can do it the old-school way by sending out paper invitations, or do it over email or even in person.

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7. Create the menu

A bridal shower is not a dinner party, which means the foods you prepare for the party should be easily served without creating a mess and eaten without sitting down. Some bridal showers only offer candy bars with various sweets, while others also serve finger foods aka small chops. Don’t forget to stock your bar if the bride prefers to accompany her parties with alcohol!

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8. Plan the decor

There will be hundreds of photos taken during the bridal shower, which means you should pay special attention to the decoration of the venue. Flowers, balloons, and banners are the most popular bridal shower decor items. You can get plenty of ideas on how to decorate a bridal shower on Pinterest and Instagram.

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9. Plan the entertainment

A bridal shower is an event where not all guests may know each other, which is why you will need some activities that can help friends and strangers have a good time together. Various bridal shower games, quizzes, mini-golf, karaoke, dancing, manicures, massages – there are endless possibilities for planning a fun bridal shower.

10. Prepare the party favours

Party favours are also not a mandatory part of bridal shower planning, but they will be a nice ending to an already memorable evening. Bridal shower party favours can include anything from a personalized cookie to a candle – it has to be something that will remind the guest of the great time she had at the bridal shower.

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