Your Favourite Celebrities Are Doing The #SocialMediaChallenge! Here Are Our Favourites!

If you have recently noticed lots of photos on your timeline with the words LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder written on them, you have probably guessed that it’s a brand new social media challenge. Started by the legendary Dolly Parton, this challenge has now attracted thousands of celebs and regular people. Check out the best examples of the #SocialMediaChallenge!

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1. What is this challenge?

The newest social media challenge was started by Dolly Parton, who shared a meme of herself last week. The meme makes fun of the different ways people present themselves on social media. On LinkedIn, people try very hard to look professional, on Facebook, everyone tries to look wholesome, Instagram is for trends and hip fashion, and Tinder is for presenting yourself in the best light to look more appealing for the potential romantic partners.

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Dolly Parton on Twitter

Get you a woman who can do it all 😉

2. The celebrity versions

Dolly Parton’s post made huge waves in the social media community. Naturally, celebrities were quick to jump on the bandwagon and present their own versions of the challenge.

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Oprah Winfrey was one of the first celebrities who took part in the Dolly Parton Challenge and her version is both hilarious and true to the theme.

Did we get it right, @dollyparton? #DollyPartonChallenge

36k Likes, 1,116 Comments – O, The Oprah Magazine (@oprahmagazine) on Instagram: “Did we get it right, @dollyparton? #DollyPartonChallenge”

Will Smith went one step further and uploaded not just some photos of himself, but a video version of the challenge that received an even warmer welcome among his fans.

I’d swipe right

2.4m Likes, 32k Comments – Will Smith (@willsmith) on Instagram: “I’d swipe right”

Nigerian celebrities couldn’t stay away from the challenge. Toke Makinwa is one of those women who can do it all, and her version of the social media craze clearly demonstrates it.

I’m every woman, it’s all In me 🤪@dollyparton made me do it. Get you a woman that can do it all #thesocialchallenge #dollyparton

25.4k Likes, 403 Comments – Toke Makinwa (@tokemakinwa) on Instagram: “I’m every woman, it’s all In me 🤪@dollyparton made me do it. Get you a woman that can do it all…”

Kerry Washington’s rendition of the challenge once again showcased her versatility: it featured the actress in four completely different roles and even included her parents.

Inspired by @dollyparton, of course!

153.9k Likes, 2,079 Comments – Kerry Washington (@kerrywashington) on Instagram: “Inspired by @dollyparton, of course!”

Another Nigerian celebrity who participated in the growing trend was the beloved actress Ini Dima-Okojie, whose execution of the trend was not only completely on point, but also looked absolutely flawless.

Let’s call this #TheSocialChallenge 😆 @officialosas I love it!!!! And yup! Us girls can do it all😅

8,146 Likes, 84 Comments – Ini Dima-Okojie (@inidimaokojie) on Instagram: “Let’s call this #TheSocialChallenge 😆 @officialosas I love it!!!! And yup! Us girls can do it all😅”

Catherine Kamau-Karanja, a Kenyan actress and social media influencer, presented her own version of the challenge, complete with both professional and candid photos of herself.

Nijikute nikiachwa nyuma 😁… #dollypartonchallenge @dollyparton #icandoitall

16.5k Likes, 231 Comments – Catherine Kamau -Karanja (@kate_actress) on Instagram: “Nijikute nikiachwa nyuma 😁… #dollypartonchallenge @dollyparton #icandoitall”

Ellen DeGeneres, everyone’s favourite TV presenter, was among the early adopters of the challenge and she treated the task with her signature sense of humour.

When my agent asks if I can play different roles.

1.5m Likes, 14.9k Comments – Ellen DeGeneres (@theellenshow) on Instagram: “When my agent asks if I can play different roles.”

3. Other versions we loved

Celebrities are not the only ones who participated in the Dolly Parton Challenge. The challenge also became an opportunity for the funniest people on the internet to offer their own versions of the task. Here are the ones we loved the most.

The Instagram account for the cult TV show Friends offered an individual version of the social media challenge for every member of the main cast.

Get you friends who can do it all. @DollyParton

1.2m Likes, 14.3k Comments – Friends (@friends) on Instagram: “Get you friends who can do it all. @DollyParton”

Everything can be made better with dogs, including the already hilarious social media challenge.

Get you a loaf who can do it all 🍞

2,093 Likes, 30 Comments – Neville △⃒⃘ Fluffbottom (@nevillethefluffbottom) on Instagram: “Get you a loaf who can do it all 🍞”

Fans of Lego also offered their fun take on the latest social media craze.

Guess who joined in on #theDollyPartonChallenge. Which social media platform picture would you go for? . #linkedin #facebook #instagram #tinder #business #family #love #lego #legominifigures #legostagram #starwars #legoland #toyphotography #legophotography #legoaddict #minifigures #vitruvianbrix #marvel #legoart #socialmedia #brickcentral #AFOL #dccomics #toyartistry #disney #afolclub #bricknetwork #legophoto #legocreator

1,324 Likes, 69 Comments – Gabriel (@mcbricks) on Instagram: “Guess who joined in on #theDollyPartonChallenge. Which social media platform picture would you go…”

Even the beloved cartoon character Shaun The Sheep could not stay away from the trend, although his version is obviously more family-friendly than the rest.

Shaun the Sheep on Twitter

Living his best life…#dollypartonchallenge

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