NCC Releases List Of 1,492 Approved Phones In Nigeria! Check If Your Phone Is Included!

In an attempt to rectify the issues with the mobile phone market in Nigeria and ensure that Nigerians buy only the top-quality smartphones sold in the country, the NCC has created and unveiled a list of almost 1,500 mobile phones approved for sale in Nigeria. Here is everything you need to know!

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1. Why is there a list?

To anyone not familiar with the mobile phone market in Nigeria, the need to create a specific list of approved mobile phones may seem excessive. However, if you have ever been burned by a purchase of a low-quality or even fake smartphone, or know someone who has been through it, you’ll understand that the new measure is a genuine necessity.

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The two biggest problems of the mobile phone market in Nigeria are the prevalence of fake mobile phones and a large number of fairly used smartphones imported from the UK, the US, and other countries. In both cases, buyers risk paying a considerable amount of money for a mobile phone that won’t do them any good.

The list of approved mobile phones released by the NCC is determined to solve those problems once and for all. When you are offered to buy a mobile phone, you can use the list to see whether the make and model of the device are approved for sale in Nigeria and is, therefore, safe to buy.

2. What can you find on the list?

With 1,492 mobile phones approved for sale in the country, there is a good chance you will find nearly every make and model of mobile phones you can think of. The list includes numerous models both from the undisputed kings of the smartphone market such as Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi, and emerging mobile phone brands whose popularity continues to grow in Nigeria, such as Tecno, Infinix, and Oppo.

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However, once you take a good look at the NCC list of mobile phones, you will see that it’s not exactly all-encompassing. For example, we found only 7 Xiaomi phones and 8 Oppo phones there, even though there are more Xiaomi and Oppo models being sold right now in Nigeria.

Moreover, the list of 1,492 phones seems to have been developed in mid-2019, since most phones released in autumn of 2019 and later seem to be missing. The good news is that the NCC list is believed to be work in progress and the Committee will surely add new models to expand the already impressive list.

3. How to use the list

To access the list of the NCC-approved mobile phones, follow this link. You can download the list as a CSV, XLS, or PDF file if you want to use it on your computer. You can also scroll the alphabetic list of mobile phones, but it will likely take you a while.

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To save time and find the model you want to research, simply enter the make, model, or both into the search field. The system will then display only the entries on the list that match your search request. You can see the manufacturer of the device and the holder of the certificate, so you know this particular model is legit.

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