Jiji Launches Mask Contest

The coronavirus lockdown has been hard on all of us – in addition to the emotional struggles of being stuck at home, there is also a variety of financial hardships Nigerians face every day. With the new Jiji mask contest, you can have some fun AND win some much-needed cash. Find out how!

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1. What is the Jiji mask contest?

The Jiji mask contest is one of the latest initiatives by Jiji to support its Nigerian users during these challenging times. It is open to all Jiji subscribers on social media and anyone who finds out about the contest from their friends and wants to take part. If you want to participate in the contest, all you need is a smartphone with a camera, an Instagram account, and a sheer will to win.

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Specifically for the contest, Jiji has designed a mask for Instagram that looks like a banknote and displays a random amount of naira every time you are using it. That is exactly what makes the Jiji mask contest so entertaining and unpredictable.

2. How to take part?

To take part in the mask contest, you need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Open the Jiji Instagram page on your mobile device and find the link to the mask in bio.
  2. Open the filter and tap “Try it”.
  3. Press and hold down the record button to give the filter a try.
  4. Post the result to your Instagram stories and tag @jijinigeria in the story.

Jiji will promote the most interesting stories in our feed, which means you will get extra exposure. There is also another way you can find the Jiji mask you need to use for the contest:

  1. Whenever you see someone on your Instagram feed using the Jiji mask, simply tap on the name of the filter.
  2. Use the filter to create your own story.
  3. Publish your Instagram story and tag @jijinigeria in it to participate in the contest.

3. What can you win?

Here is the best part – the amount of money you can win is not set in stone. The mask will display a random amount of money when you are using it, and if Jiji selects your Instagram story as the winning entry, you will get the exact amount the mask has chosen for you. Jiji will choose the most creative stories as the winner, so make sure to express your creativity when designing a story for the Jiji mask contest. Good luck!

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