Countries That Offer Free Tuition For International Students

There are plenty of prestigious universities in Nigeria and other African countries, but there are also lots of reasons why you may want to study abroad if you have the opportunity. Some countries offer free or nearly free tuition to international students, and here they are.

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1. Brazil

In most public universities in Brazil, students can study absolutely for free after covering registration fees, and many private universities offer affordable study programs to foreigners. Brazil is also a relatively cheap country to live in, so you won’t have too many living expenses during your education. However, there is a catch – before you can enrol in any Brazilian university, you need to pass a Portuguese test, as education there is done in Portuguese.

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2. Sweden

Obtaining a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree as a foreigner in Sweden is not free – free tuition for those programs is only offered to European Union citizens. However, if you want to obtain a PhD, Sweden should be one of your top options – not only is obtaining a PhD is free to international students in Sweden, but there are also all kinds of grants and incentives for conducting research.

3. Czech Republic

Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic attracts foreigners not only with its magnificent architecture and beautiful nature, but also for its generous conditions to teaching foreigners. However, you can only study in a Czech university for free if you pass a Czech language exam; otherwise, you will need to a pay annual tuition of a few thousand euros to study in English.

4. Germany

Germany is one of the leading destinations for international students interested in studying for free. Enrolling in most German universities is free, but students are expected to cover the administration costs of up to €250. Additionally, if you want to get a German visa, you will need to supply proof that you have €850 per month to cover your living expenses.

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5. Finland

Finland is a tiny country in Northern Europe, but it is surprisingly popular with foreign students. As an international student, you can study in Finnish for free, but you will need to pay tuition if you want to do your studies in English. Finland also offers some fantastic opportunities for post-graduate students who want to obtain further degrees and carry out research.

6. Argentina

Studying in Argentina is free to Argentinians, but international students typically have to cover small administrative fees if they want to enrol in an Argentinian university. The important thing to remember that only public Argentinian schools offer low-cost tuition to foreign students, while at private universities, you can end up paying around $5,000 per year.

7. France

Like Germany, France is one of the leading European destinations for foreign students seeking a degree. The education is not completely free to foreigners in France, but it’s significantly lower than you would pay in the US or even at some other European schools. Plus, the French government is rather generous with their scholarship programs and tripled the amount of scholarship given out to foreign students last year.

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