Benefits Of Garlic For Your Skin And Hair

Garlic is widely known as one of the most powerful medicinal plants with dozens of benefits for every part of your body. However, it also turns out that garlic can be very effective for improving the state of your skin and hair, and here are the main beauty benefits of garlic.

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1. Benefits of garlic for skin

Garlic has a few popular uses in the natural skin care segment, and here are the ones you should definitely know about:

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1. Prevents premature skin aging

Garlic is often lauded for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that affect not only your body, but also your skin. By acting as a mighty antioxidant, garlic, thanks to its high content of S-allyl cysteine, removes the free radicals from your skin, preventing premature aging, and helps your skin cells regenerate faster to maintain the supple feel and look of the skin.

2. Soothes down irritated skin

Skin inflammations can be caused by dozens of factors, from eczema to skin allergies, it can not only feel very uncomfortable due to the constant itching and soreness, but also worsen the look of your skin due to flaking, redness, and dry patches. Eating garlic regularly supplies your body with the necessary anti-inflammatory agents, thus calming down your skin.

3. Makes stretch marks less visible

No amount of skin care can help you completely prevent stretch marks from appearing since in most cases, your body is genetically predisposed to developing them. However, using garlic as a topical treatment – for example, in a hot oil massage infused with garlic – can help your skin revive its elasticity and get it more evenly coloured, which, in turn, will make your stretch marks less obvious.

4. Effective against acne

Acne is the bane of the existence of millions of beautiful women, and it’s nice to have a trusted natural solution against it. Garlic is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which means it can soothe the existing acne spots, but it’s also famed for its antimicrobal properties, which means it can cleanse your skin from within and prevent new breakouts. All it takes is to eat one clove of garlic every day and follow the right care routine for your skin.

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2. Benefits of garlic for hair

With all the known benefits of garlic for your health and skin, the effectiveness of garlic against various hair issues is no longer surprising. Here is how garlic can help you achieve the best hair of your life:

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1. Slows down hair loss

Hair loss is one of the most heartbreaking things that can happen to your beauty, but that’s another thing garlic can help you with. Simply add garlic to any savoury dish you are cooking and add raw garlic to your vegetable smoothies to slow down the falling out hair and regain your thick mane.

2. Helps treat alopecia

Alopecia is an extreme form of hair loss where the hair falls out in spots. Alopecia is often more visible than hair loss and is therefore even more distressing. A 2007 study showed that patients who used a garlic-infused gel then reported hair regrowth in their bald spots, which means you can also use garlic puree on your bald spots to treat alopecia.

3. Keeps your scalp healthy

Not everyone knows this, but your scalp can develop the same issues as the skin on your face and body. Irritation, itchiness, flaking, redness, and excessive oil production may be caused by bacteria and germs living on your scalp. Consuming generous amounts of garlic extends the antimicrobal and antifungal properties of garlic to your scalp, making your hair feel fresh longer and reducing irritation.

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