Gel Or Foam: What Is Better For Shaving? is an everyday ritual for most men. Everyone has his own secrets and tricks to do this fast and well. But correct choice of shaving substance is the key to the comfortable shaving and can prevent the formation of razor burns and irritation. There are different types of shaving creams: soaps, gels and foams. The oldest one – to use soap foam maked by shave brush. But it’s past century. Modern shaving cosmetics is adopted for each skin type and has some additional advantages – nourishing and moisturising components, more effective formula etc.

Let’s find out what shaving product is the best together with JiJi! foam is a liquid substance with fine bubbles. This helps to soften the bristles for a comfortable shave. Shaving gel is jelly-like substance and can be various colors. Another difference between shaving foam and shaving gel is that the last ne is more expensive but more economical. Shaving gel more effective than shaving foam because foam is badly rubbed into the skin’s surface, as well as the gel helps to better shave if you have a heavy beard. When comparing shaving foam and gel, gel is a little easier to use.

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Compositions shaving gel and shaving foam are practically identical, the main component is water, the other components: glycerin, aromatics and moisturizing products. men used instead of the above use shower gel, a wide range of which you can find on JiJi, but this method is suitable for men with not too sensitive skin. However, it should be noted that during the regular shaving even rough skin can become more sensitive. Therefore, in order to avoid redness, irritation and other troubles, beauticians recommend to use all the special for shaving, but what it will be – the foam, gel or cream – it depends on your preference.  The main thing – to treat your skin well and it will gladden your beloved woman withit is not out make her worry!

Oh, and don’t forget – do not use same razor by whole family! It is not hygienic!


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