How to sell on Internet: guide for the beginners

“How to sell on Internet successfully?” – this popular question hasn’t one right answer. Because every individual selling has unique goods and unique buyers. No one is born with the ability to sell. Someone has a great predisposition for it, someone smaller.

Internet selling has a range of specifics. Of course, it is more accessible and comfortable. You can sell something at any time of a day or a night, anywhere – you need only the access to Internet. But it requires knowledge of Internet-users psychology, also theory and practice of fortunate online sales.

We want to present you useful tips of successful online sales. Read our advices and try to use it on practice – sell something on Jiji!

Learn prices of your product from the other sellers

Price of your product is one of the most important things. Selecting an adequate price, in fact, is much more difficult than writing a good description or even make a good photo.

200171399-001-crop[1]Mindfully explore goods category, which you are selling. For example, if you sell the mobile phone, open the heading “Apple iPhone 6” and compare their quality, age and conditions with yours. The average price – this is the most probable selling price. You can put a price slightly higher and indicate about bargain. Ability to buy something a little cheaper than in the ad – always cool for customer.

So, your price shouldn’t be higher than the others, and if it is above – be sure to explain to the customers why it is so (e. g.,”my mobile phone has built-in GPS, so you don’t need to buy a separate navigator for your car”).

Cheating is an evil!

Be honest at 100%! Every potential thing can find its buyer, even if it has a small defect. Don’t try to sell something used as new. Remember, new thing –  it is a thing, which not be used after purchase at all.

pain0fwomeninside[1]Say to buyer about all defects, real quality and time of using of your product. It’s very important for you to make real photo. Of course, you can choose favourable lighting or special position for your product. Also you may dream up some composition of your personal things to present your products in the best possible way.

If you have some other accessories (to the mobile phone, for example) – take its pictures too. It gives full understanding about your product’s appearance.

Write detailed description about your product. When you write description of your product, try to answer to possible questions from your potential customers. People trust to goods with full description, they will choose such variant with high probability.

Tell the reasons for sale

If your product is so wonderful – why do you sell it? Most people are very sceptical about a particular products on Internet, they don’t want to risk. Dispel suspicions – give explanation of your action.

The reason should be clear and simple: “I sell, because urgently need money”, “My parents have presented the new one”, “In connection with the move to the other city”, “the size is too small”, etc.

Don’t use such reason as “it has bothered for me” or “the model is obsolete”. Give to the buyer a feeling that he will choose a good reliable thing.

Don’t disappear from the customers!

You should leave real and correct contacts for your potential customers. It can be mobile phone, landline, e-mail, Skype (or better all together). It should be easy for customer to contact with you, so propose a maximum of variants. Don’t forget read replies from the sites, where you upload the ad. Try to answer immediately.

Remember, people don’t like to wait, so they can choose another seller, who will connect with them faster.

The same rule if for meeting with potential customer or shipping order – do everything in time. If you have promised “tomorrow morning” – it should be tomorrow morning.

Love your buyers

279862-9c39b-84209363-m750x740-u5950f[1]Always be polite to your potential buyers. Use the words “please”, “thank you”, “welcome”. Be polite, pleasant, even if the client is angry and shows signs of discontent.The most famous entrepreneurs have used this principle and have succeeded. For example, Sophia Amoruso (millionaire, which begins with Internet sales) added a note with best wishes for customer and a business card to every order.

So, don’t be shy to make some unexpected, but enjoyable little presents. It improves your reputation and customers will recommend you for others. Examples of such things: notes with best wishes, useful tips, candies or greeting card and so on. If you sell a car, for example, you can give freshener in the car for free. But be sure to emphasize this for buyer, because he may overlook this. So, you won’t get desired effect.

Use social networks for your sale

You have spent your time for making photo, writing description, make publication on the site, don’t be lazy to link it in social networks (e.g, Facebook). It only takes a second, but can give you tangible results.

Suddenly some of your friends is looking for Nikon D-3200 for a long time? Your post will be salvation for him!

Make your ad emotional

nigerian_woman_2.jpg.CROP.rtstory-large[1]Emphasize all advantages of your product or tell the main differences from the other similar products.Then stop for a moment and imagine you are another person and see your ad at first. Look and think: “Would I buy it or not?”. If you say “No”, then ask yourself why. If you say “Yes”, your ad has a chance to be interesting also for real buyer.

Write some creative title, it should draw attention and call to action. (“Look for a mobile phone with coolest camera? Buy it from me!”)

Finally, if you seriously want to trade things you should make your own website or use reliable and user-friendly website, where you can find many potential buyers – real people. Absolutely for free!

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