Don’t give scammers a chance!

Today, online shopping has become the full-fledged alternative to usual offline shopping. However, many users are still concerned about their safety and security, especially taking into account the increasing fraud activity, as well as the variety of fraud schemes. With Jiji, users can keep calm: scam alert is working.

For Jiji, scam is a matter of great concern, for we aim to provide the best user experience and leave only positive impressions about shopping and selling.





We detect scammers with the newest tracking systems. Innovative software helps to apply mechanisms for fraud detection. Users with suspicious activity are detected according to the set algorithms and then checked by our Support Team.

User verification system is evolving and getting better. The developers make conclusions based on the latest scams and improve the registration system. It remains simple, but includes several steps of user verification.

Jiji office in Lagos cooperates with the police. Every job scam, fake profile, and every complaint is handled to the authorities in order to handle the situation in the legitimate way. Jiji’s scammer list is published on the official website. Users are free to check the Nigerian scammer list before making the deal.

Jiji customer care line is working 24/7 and ready for cooperation. Any user, who has noticed suspicious activity, is welcome to report about it. If you have become a victim of Real Estate Scam in Nigeria, job offer scam, employment scams, or other Nigerian scams, contact Jiji.ng and leave the scam alert.

Constant scammer monitoring. We are always aware, you are always secure.


On Jiji, scammer monitoring includes several stages:

  1.   Moderation. We check every ad and profile after they appear on the website.
  2.   User data monitoring. Users are obliged to indicate their real phone numbers and emails. Besides sending verification messages for registration, Jiji tracks searching and merchant history.
  3.   User behavior monitoring. Jiji uses Behavior, Browsing, velocity, tracks typical pattern, location, IP, proxy, network, deep location, identifies devices, OS, browsers, history, etc. All data stays secured and is not shared – it is gathered for safety purpose only.
  4.   Verification via phone. More reliable than email verification, it proves user’s identity and helps for maintaining security.


  • As a part of Jiji’s Anti-Scam Policy, the website provides an easy scheme of reporting about scammers in Nigeria. Here are several ways a user can participate:
  • Mail a complaint to [email protected] Every request is forwarded to the managers and processed shortly after receiving. If the suspicion is proved, the seller is immediately blocked.  
  • Use Jiji.ng phone number to call and report in person.
  • Click on “Leave Feedback” button, which can be found on the page of every advert.

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Mobile version:

Mobile application:


Before starting to use Jiji actively, users face several questions. How to tell if a job is a scam? How to find out if a company is a scam? Are Jiji jobs real? How to check out everyone in Nigerian scammer list? How to buy items of proper quality without being deceived? Just remember several simple rules.

General safety tips

  • Never pay in advance.


  • Request for payment upon delivery.
  • Avoid unrealistically low prices.
  • Never disclose personal financial information (bank account number, CCV code etc.) to anyone.


  • Avoid anyone who asks for extra fees to buy or sell an item or service.
  • Ask as many questions as possible about the company and the person calling you.
  • Try to arrange a personal meeting for money-item exchange. Arrange it in a public place.
  • Read Safety Tips before shopping online.

Job safety tips

  • Check company’s background and website.
  • Check reviews and different types of feedback to be certain about the absence of scam jobs and fake job interviews.
  • Do not believe promises about quick and easy profit.
  • Never send any fees for application.
  • Do not go to remote places.


  • Do not go to an interview without informing someone.
  • Do not disclose any personal information.

Take part in fighting sales and job scams in Nigeria with Jiji.

Feel free to contact Jiji.ng Support [email protected] in case of fraud from other users.

We appreciate your help and care about your safety.

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