Big Brother Announces Date For Season 6 Auditions

If you’ve always felt like you are destined to become a reality TV star and believe that 2021 is the year you finally make it, there is a great opportunity for you. Big Brother Naija has just announced the date for the season 6 auditions to begin, and here is all you need to know about it.

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1. Season 6 audition date

Last week, the official Twitter account for Big Brother Naija announced the beginning of the season 6 auditions. According to the tweet, the auditions for the upcoming season of Big Brother will be held online from May 3 to May 16. It means that you have exactly two weeks starting from today to audition for the show and try your luck at becoming the next reality TV superstar.

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2. Who can audition

The Big Brother Naija auditions are open to a wide range of potential applicants in an attempt to keep the cast of the show diverse and interesting to watch. However, there are still a few requirements a potential contestant should fit to get cast on season 6 of Big Brother. These requirements include:

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  • Nigerian citizenship;
  • 21 years of age or older in June 2021;
  • A valid form of ID;
  • O-level education or higher;
  • Physical and emotional ability to spend 90 days in limited space around the same people.

3. How to audition

All auditions for season 6 of Big Brother Naija are held online. To participate in the process, visit this link and complete the steps needed to register your application. Specifically, you will need need to fill out a questionnaire about yourself and your goals, as well as upload a 2-minute video that showcases your personality, talents, and motivation for being a Big Brother contestant.

After the auditions are over, the casting people will review the applications and reach out to the few lucky contestants who have made the cut. Please note that if you have applied during the early admissions process back in March, you don’t need to apply again.

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