Two Piece Ankara Styles You Will Love

A two piece Ankara outfit is one of the most versatile items you can add to your wardrobe right now. Two piece Ankara styles can be worn on their own or paired with all kinds of clothes. Plus, you can mix and match your Ankara pieces to create a fresh and stunning outfit. Here are 10 two piece Ankara styles you will love!

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1. Style #1

In modern fashion, there are no restrictions on colours and seasons, but there are still some shades that are firmly associated with each of the four seasons. This lively green Ankara two piece outfit is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, and the design is also ideal for the summer season.

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2. Style #2

No matter what kind of body type you have or what your personal style is, a peplum top is always a good idea. It brings a lovely balance to your figure, especially when paired with tight-fitting bottoms such as these pencil trousers in a matching design.


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3. Style #3

Want to make a statement with your new Ankara outfit? This combination of wide-legged pants and a crop top with flared sleeves will definitely make you the best-dressed guest at any event and will showcase your fashion sense.

4. Style #4

If there is a perfect outfit for a vacation or for simply lounging by the pool or at the beach, it’s probably this one. The comfortable fit, the charming pattern, and the opportunity to wear any top you like underneath the shirt is what makes this look stand out.


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5. Style #5

Speaking of vacation or summer fashion, here is another idea to consider. This two piece Ankara outfit shows off your best features and increases your confidence. The combination of cutouts with long sleeves is an unusual one, but it’s the one that effortlessly works.

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6. Style#6

A two piece Ankara outfit can look very casual, but it can also be incredibly chic. It’s all about the design and the fabric of your choice. This pairing could easily be worn as an evening dress, and the elegant slit perfectly completes the look.

7. Style #7

We are used to seeing two piece Ankara outfits made from identical fabric, but there is no need to go for a perfect match if you want your look to stand out. You can choose two different fabrics united by the same colour scheme or accents for an equally successful outfit.

8. Style #8

For a long time, shorts were mostly used for casual summer looks and vacation outfits, but they are gradually making a transition to mainstream fashion. Two piece Ankara outfits with shorts are chic, comfortable, and absolutely in vogue for 2021.

9. Style #9

It’s been over a year since we started living in a new reality. Now face masks can be as important for your overall look as any other accessory, so it makes perfect sense for you to want your face mask to match your outfit. Here is a great idea for doing it.


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10. Style #10

When you are looking for the most elegant, high-fashion version of a two piece Ankara outfit, here is the idea you need to consider first. The gorgeous fabric, the flawless fit, and the timeless design are what makes this outfit shine.

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