Maybe Next Time! Smart Ways To Protect Your Car From Theft

It doesn`t matter whether you are going to buy your third Porsche – or your first Audi, because it`s frustrating when they steal your car any way.


And modern alarm system is only one of the ways to protect your car from theft. We will share with you some secrets, which will significantly reduce thief`s chances to succeed!


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The Underworld Of Professional Car Theft

Don’t Miss Out Professional Car Theft2


Those who do not know the secrets of protecting their cars from theft will ride a bike tomorrow!

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Vivid color

One of the surest ways to protect your car is to make it maximally striking!

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For example, that is very hard to imagine that someone would want to steal a pink Toyota 4 Runner.

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The point is to make your car “a distinguishing feature”: beautiful wheels, unusual coloring (several colors, using vinyl), and aerodynamic dodge.

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It would be uneasy to vanish on such a car, and if the thief will have a choice: to steal your car or your neighbor`s car (that is less striking) — the thief will choose the second option.

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Hidden button of engine blocking

To reduce the risk of auto theft you need to equip it with hidden button of engine blocking and properly hide it!

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If the thief will not find the button, he will not be able to start the car. Earlier such a block has been used very often on many cars. In recent years, their popularity waned. Everybody erroneously relies on 100% protective function of signaling.

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The thieves always choose the easy way to hijack with a minimum risk to be caught – so if the button is hidden, you are well insured.

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Park your car in well-lit areas

Seemingly, the cars are being stolen everywhere. But according to statistics, the majority of steals occurs in unlit areas.

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Parking your car next to your house, in the spot light, you insure yourself from theft. Also remember – if the parking is near an apartment house, is reduces the likelihood of theft in several times.

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How else can you play upon thief`s strings?

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Keep your car in good condition

There is a misconception that the hijackers, when picking a vehicle to hijack, prefer clean cars in excellent condition. But after a while, according to the statistics of auto theft, it turned out that criminals often steal cars, which look like their host does not care about their condition.

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The point is that the criminal has a special type of thinking. Defining that the owner does not care about technical and external condition of the car, the thieves are able to conclude that this car, most likely, has no reliable alarm system. Moreover, they can assume that the owner hasn`t been nearby for a long time.

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Therefore, maintaining perfect condition of the car, you reduce the risk of hijacking.

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Do not leave valuable things in the car

Often in parking lots close to the shopping center, near the shops and near the house at night, car owners leave various valuable things in their cars. For example, DVRs, smartphones, bags, etc. Logically, this way you raise the likelihood of theft of these things, and increase the probability of car theft as well.

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According to the statistics of auto theft, often the hijackers decide to hijack, detecting the availability of some items in the car. This is the psychology of the criminals.

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Try not to tempt them – and enjoy this life!

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