The Devices For Your Smartphone

With the advent of smartphones, market of devices literally gained a new life. Creative players in this market invent new devices that are controlled using a phone or connecting with it.


Here you can find everything: fitness trackers, toys, speakers, gauges, musical instruments, etc.!

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We have chosen the most fascinating devices brought to life by light minds of humanity –

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Viper SmartStart: control your auto

Directed Electronics, a manufacturer of security systems for cars, introduced a new system of Viper SmartStart that allows you to control your car via iPhone.

Viper SmartStart 1

Viper SmartStart 2

The solution involves a wireless transmitter mounted in the car, and the app for the iPhone. Touching the display, the user can open or lock the door, activate/deactivate the alarm, open the trunk and activate the “panic” alarm. Pressing the central button, he can start or, conversely, dampen the engine.

Viper SmartStart 4

Viper SmartStart 5

At close range, maintaining continuous contact with the car can be done via Wi-Fi; if the owner is at a considerable distance from the car, he can use GPRS/EDGE system.

Viper SmartStart Review & App Demo

Here’s a complete breakdown and demo of the SmartStart app along with using it in real time. I discuss the features that comes with the SmartStart module once it has been installed in your car. If you have questions on this product or video please let me know. Comment, Rate, and Subscribe.

Viper SmartStart 3

Viper SmartStart app 1

Viper SmartStart app 2

Download Viper SmartStart app:

[appbox appstore 333400981?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay simple]

Sonos Play:5 – acoustics constructor

Sonos PLAY: 5 – is a series of high-quality wireless speakers.

Sonos Play 4

Sonos Play 1

One of the advantages of this acoustics is the opportunity to create networks consisting of multiple speakers. You can quickly create a great music system that plays tracks in unison in all necessary points of apartment, house or office.

Sonos Play 2

Sonos Play 3

Everything is simple: connect the device to a power outlet, wait until the led on the top panel will light with a smooth white light (in the first few seconds after connecting it will blink), and start the Sonos Controller app on any device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or computer. Or you can first run the application and follow the instructions.

The making of the Sonos PLAY:5 – Behind the Scenes Simple is never easy. Just ask the Sonos team that’s been working non-stop for years to redefine just what a smart speaker should be. Our all-new, powerfully smart PLAY:5 is more than an update, it’s a whole different animal.

Sonos Play app 3

Sonos Play app 1

Sonos Play app 2

Download Sonos Controller app:

[appbox appstore 293523031?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.sonos.acr&hl=ru simple]

Misfit Shine: multifunctional tracker

John Sculley, a former head of Apple Corporation, is one of the developers of this device. In its design, you can see something that the legendary business-creator Jobs always loved: minimalism, impeccable taste, quality materials and equally quality execution. It is somehow similar to a pill, so just in case the user guide has a caution: “Shine is not suitable for eating”.

Misfit Shine 1
Misfit Shine 2

It can calculate accumulated points of activities not only for walking and jogging, but also for swimming, football, tennis, biking, and even sleeping.

Activity tracker transmits data to the iPhone via Bluetooth.

Misfit Shine 3

Misfit Shine 4

Misfit Shine 5

There are many options for fixing the tracker. For example, using a powerful magnet fastening the device to the speedo, to the edge of the rubber cap or somewhere where your fantasy and elastic fastening allow.

But we are talking about a bicycle ride, for more accurate results the manufacturers recommend hooking the device to the laces of your sneakers.

Misfit Shine Activity Band- REVIEW

as of March 6th, 2014: Misfit Shine is NOW available on Android CHECK UPDATED PRICING or BUY HERE Its a pedometer, sleep monitor, calorie counter. Latest review to get 2014 kick started with a health product. Another Activity band from Misfit. The Misfit Shine reviewed.

Misfit Shine app 1

Misfit Shine app 2

Misfit Shine app 3

Misfit Shine app 4

Download MisFit app:

[appbox appstore 564157241 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.misfitwearables.prometheus simple]

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Square Register: big ideas for small business

The analytical program used mostly by large retailers in the country, has been adapted to the needs of small traders, who spend a lot of time and money on installing and servicing the cash registers.

With this application all the problems remain in the past. According to Quinn, Square CMO, installing the Square terminal at your working place takes less than one hour.

Square Register 1

Square Register 2

Square Register accepts credit cards, cash, allows you to track and analyze the history of the purchases.

Square Register 3

Square Register 4

“The ideal solution for mobile eateries, small cafés and sporting goods shops», – shares his impressions Trip Hosley, the owner of restaurants` chain “Sauce Restaurant” in San Francisco.

Square Register app 1

Square Register app 2

Square Register app 3

Square Register app 4

Download Square Register – Point of Sale app:

[appbox appstore 335393788?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.squareup&hl=ru simple]

Griffin HELO TC: more than just a toy

The idea of using the iPhone/iPad as a management console for driving, flying and even floating models has been actively used for a long time by now.



Usually the weak link in such a symbiosis is an object itself. Fortunately, Helo TC is not such a case. And the soft of digital controller here is just excellent!

During the testing it turned out that the toy is quite sturdy and can safely survive even very sensitive falls.





Device requirements are more than loyal: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 4.0 and a free utility of HELO TC App.

Griffin Helo TC Helicopter Review and Demo (iOS Controlled)

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Download Helo T? app:

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[appbox googleplay com.griffintechnology.helotc&hl=ru simple]


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