7 Presents You Better Not Think Of For All Women’s Day

There are so many tips & advices about the presents ideas for All Women’s Day, but no one has actually thought of what could be a banal present or the one that doesn’t really suit the description of being ‘a special one’.

Assess all ‘for’ and ‘against’ and choose the PROPER PRESENT

# Flowers

1Flowers are none of anything special as it should be bought with no reason and just to make her smile. Moreover, flowers are 2-3 times much expensive on All Women’s Day so you are at risk of wasting the money you could spend for other surprises, like ordering sushi or pizza at home. But, if your woman is fond of flowers, buy her a pot plant that won’t die in a couple of days and that she’ll be taking care of.

# Jewelry

2Unless it’s a golden ring recommended by a fashion designer or a Tayo Bello Jewelry necklace, it is better to leave the choice of jewelry be made on her own. It is difficult to pick up the right earrings to a new dress even for a woman, so don’t be so sure to shoot in the dark and be as fortunate and pick up the right one. Leave it for another day.

# Perfume

3Unless you know for sure what is the brand of the perfume she has always wanted and talked about, don’t try to guess her taste again. Even though you might see what perfume she uses, she may be already bored of it and there is nothing surprising if you buy the same one.

# Chocolates

4Chocolate is the most banal present ever, especially for All Women’s Day. It is seen to be very low in terms of thoughtfulness and devoting your time to picking up a present. Besides, spring is the time when women restrict themselves from high-calorie foods, especially sweets, in order to lose weight and prepare for summer. So don’t play tricks with your honey-girl and replace chocolate with a bottle of fine wine and some fruits.

Learn about other forbidden presents for All Women’s Day on the next page.

# Gift certificates

5If you don’t want to look like you didn’t want to bother yourself with picking up the present, and moreover, don’t want her to know how much you were ready to spend for the present, you better not consider an option of buying a gift certificate. Take your time and choose among the most desired All Women’s Day presents.

# Electrical devices

6And again, if it’s not the latest iPad or an iPhone 6s, don’t experiment with buying electronic devices as a present for All Women’s Day. A smart phone, tablet, or a lap top is very personal things that people should make choice about on their own. It’s like taking a pet – you should feel something to it before you actually decide to bring it to your home.

# Cooking utensils

7All Women’s Day is called so not without a reason. This day is meant to exist especially for our dearest women, and so do the presents the men pick up for them. Cooking utensils are far from being the most romantic and special-for-her presents. Yes, they can ease her work in the kitchen and shorten the time for some cooking operations, but still, you can impress her buying a new blender in any other day. Take her out for shopping and pick up a beautiful undergarment together. Both of you will enjoy the process.

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