Easy Tips How To Look Rich And Sumptuously

Of course, that “meet on clothes,” have some common sense. This became especially urgent today, when too much is measured at the cost spent on personal wardrobe and the presence of prestigious expensive things. If you can not afford to spend a lot of money for such stuff, this article will tell you how to look expensive and well treated with a limited budget.
We and you, of course, appreciate the new person on his way to talk, his mind and outlook. It does not matter, he wears a loincloth or an expensive suit from the eminent designer. But there are people who appreciate others only on the basis of how do they look and what they are wearing. They immediately inspect the new friend from head to foot, scanning: makeup, hair, clothes, shoes, accessories. And draw their own conclusions, “communicate  or not with him (her)?”. They have their own, well-established rules of how to behave, in what kind of society it is imperative to appear, with some “useful” people be friendly. They are afraid to come not “there” and to speak with the “not right” person and not to spoil their “reputation”.
http://lifestyle.ng/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Street-Style-2.gifIt is not the fact that these people have untold wealth, have a significant position and stand on the highest rung of the social ladder. They just believe that money can work wonders for them and all human value is determined by the amount that it spent on things.
If it so happens that in the new job you are in the category of those “with whom do not speak,” do not worry! Even if your job requires to have contact with the person who undervalues you, reduce communication to a minimum – no need to spend time for such people! Think of this fact calmly. Subjective opinion should not affect on your self-esteem. If you notice saleswoman skeptical glance, who decided that you do not have enough money to buy at least a button in this expensive store, the less reasons to become upset. She only the consultant, and the notion of status in this situation more than questionable. Professionals workers in decent stores, always seek to attract customers. No matter how you look today!
You may be a millionaire who just decided to walk into the store, wearing a cozy jacket and a cap, knitted by own hands – on the forehead is not written what account size you have in the bank. Eyes capture all of those wonderful new products that you find in the store? But once you cast a glance on prices, you walk away with nothing. Yet there is a solution! On Jiji you can find analogues of clothes and shoes similar design and color schemes to the expensive brands for more reasonable prices. And believe, almost no one will be able to determine the value of your wardrobe without thinking if it is made correctly and with taste.

Here are some tips that will help you to look “expensive”

– Correct posture. Your back should be absolutely straight and hard at the same time you have to remain completely natural and free.
– Impeccable manicure. Your hands should be well-groomed, to create a respectable and expensive appearance.
– Good expensive perfume. Be generous to your flavor, which is a kind of business card of your elegance, refinement and impeccable taste.
– Luxury accessories. Choose classic accessories on sales of famous brands, which will serve you for many years. If you don’t want to spend a lot for shoes, bags, watches and belts – visit Jiji. These small, but important details of your image will create the necessary notes in your chic appearance.
Versatile and classic style. Fill up your wardrobe with some universal classic clothes of good quality, which are easy to combine with others. These basic elements of neutral shades will help you always look perfect.
– Online stores and sales. You can buy there a variety of cheap T-shirts, blouses, skirts and jeans. In these clothes do not necessarily spend a lot of money at the same time, combining them with expensive accessories, you can create stylish ensembles.

– Learn to combine. It is known that sense of style is not possible to buy not for all the money in the world, so even without spending a lot of money on designer clothes, you can dress well. Call to the aid of your imagination to combine expensive and cheap things.
– Buy only high-quality things. Legendary rule, stating: “We are not rich enough to afford to buy cheap things” – still works! “Quality” can be in certain situations synonymous with “expensive”. Pay attention to the joints, symmetrical patterns, buttons and zipper of the products. These are the details of expansions that will help to evaluate the thing.
– Attention to the fabric. It must be, of course, natural. Regardless of the model, a cheap cloth is always noticeable. Try to buy clothes, which contains not more than 20% synthetics. Avoid shiny synthetic stuff.
 – Stick to a basic range of colors. If you have a limited budget to purchase, choose one base color. For example, let it be black shoes and bag, but not brown or green. Perhaps it is a bit boring, but if you can not afford to buy more things of good quality, it is best to do just that.
– Keep track of footwear. Shabby and worn out shoes can spoil the impression of your image. Find a good repair shop, let your shoes always be polished to a shine and timely renovated.
– Invest in a good handbag and hairstyle. These two things you show every day and how they will look affects on your entire look.

And finally: the people that look expensive and well treated, always are confident. In all situations, remain calm, be polite and correct, keep your back straight and – smile! The smile is disarming! And attack mainly is pointed on those who punishes and reproaches himself . And no matter what your strength – in the sense of humor and knowledge of several foreign languages. The main thing – to know your strong sides and know how to use them.