Shaving Tips For Smooth Legs you noticed the reaction of community on hairy legs of celebrities? It has become a bad tone to grow hairs on the body. Foot beauty lies not so much in slimness, as in the well-groomed look. Beautiful pedicure, tan, silky skin – these components will give your legs an extraordinary appeal. Shaving despite the emergence of a huge number of innovations continues to be the most common, cost-effective, simple and quick way to get rid of superfluous hair on the legs, bikini area and armpits. While shaving procedure had to be repeated often enough (2-3 days), however many women try different ways and in the end return to the shaving.

Epilation by wax or epilator at home can cause ingrown hairs which are not that pleasantly-looking. If you want to make your legs smooth for a long time – visit a beautician – on Jiji, there are a lot of propositions!

How to shave your legs properly?

So, how to shave your legs, so as not to traumatize the skin and to get rid of hairs?

Take a hot or warm shower. Thus, we soften the hair and skin of the body, which reduces the risk of cuts and facilitates shaving procedure. Clean the skin using conventional shower gel or soap. This will prevent dirt from entering the pores of follicles of hair, cuts and avoid possible inflammation and ingrowing.

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Treat shaving area with clearing scrub for the body, removing dead skin cells, this will prevent hair ingrowth. You can use self-made coffee scrub. Apply the shaving aid (foam, gel, mousse). You can use soap in extreme situations, but  a regular basis it is not desirable, it will dry out the skin. Apply slowly and carefully, not missing areas on the skin. Moisten a razor blade in the water and start to shave. Start from the ankles, rising up to the knee.

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If you have got a very sensitive skin, it is best not to shave against the direction of hair growth – do it on the hair growth. The result will not be perfect, but will avoid a large number of cuts and irritation.

It is recommended to shave by short strips of 5-10 cm. Shave first ring around the leg, then move up to the next. Some women prefer to carry a razor from the ankle to the knee at one time. Do not forget to wash the blade under running water from the foam and gathered hairs.

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Knees area should be shaved especially carefully, it is very easy to cut yourself. Bend the knee for by shaving the razor meet less dimples and sharp bumps.

If you have thin, short hairs on your hips, you can skip shaving in this ares – it will cause their accelerated growth and coarsening. Thoroughly wash off the remnants of shaving foam, treat the cuts, if any, and after 20-30 minutes apply a moisturizing cream to soften and moisturize the dehydrated skin after shaving.

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