Top 15 Beauty Life Hacks

Every woman can share two or three dozen (or sometimes even more) proven beauty secrets. These secrets very often come handy in the most difficult situations, helping you to mask the problem areas and stay perfect.

We are sure that you already know several secrets like these and we have no doubts that you will be glad to read some new advice from experts in beauty from around the world that we have picked for you!


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So, let’s make a few steps towards your everyday beauty!

If your nails have changed their color after your removed your nail polish, you can clean them with a toothpaste. Moreover, toothpaste is capable of removing nail polish leftovers and whitening even severely affected nails.


If your need to shave your legs but have run out of shaving cream it is not a problem anymore. Use hair conditioner instead or hair balm. Their sufficient moisturizing properties make shaving easier and painless.


If your favorite mascara is beginning to dry out and buying a new one is not yet possible, plunge the closed tube into some hot water and let it stay there for 5 minutes.


You could use just any kind of light eyeshades to dye your dark hair root or as a as kind of a dry shampoo if once again you left it at home. You should better apply the eye shadow with a large brush. Face powder also can work as a dry shampoo, by the way.


Lean a business card or a plastic spoon against your eyelid and only then apply mascara to your eyelashes. This trick will help you to avoid untidy makeup.


Having only one transparent nail polish and many shades of eye shadow, you can create a nail coating of any color in just a minute. You just need to mix the basic nail polish with the eye shadow in a separate container.


Honey mask deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Just 10 minutes will be enough to make your skin smooth.


If your hair is dull and weak you can cure it with coconut oil. Just use it as a mask for your hair.


If you feel that you are about to hurt your feet with new shoes – or as a preventive measure if you are wearing new shoes and your foot is wet, it is hot outside… You ‘d better apply ordinary or compact face powder – to your heel in a large amount. It works perfectly well to prevent blisters.


Use a white eye pencil as a base under the eyeshade. The eyeshade will look juicier and won’t blur.


Have you once dropped your lip liner, and since then it keeps crumbling? The problem can be easily solved: just place the pencil into the freezer for a couple of hours, and it will again become easy to use.


You should also use some toner after your usual cleanser: it removes residues of grease and makeup from the face and tightens facial pores.

Here’s an excellent recipe for you: mix 1 teaspoonful of sea salt and half a glass of water. Pour this miraculous mixture into a spray bottle and apply every time after washing your face. After this wipe the face with a cotton pad or some cloth.


If you want to wear some matte lipstick today, you can use face powder again. After applying lipstick wipe your lips with a napkin, and then brush a tiny amount of translucent powder over your lips.


An interesting life hack – fix a concealer under your eyes with a light shade reflective face powder. It would seem that highlighter could accentuate the uneven skin under the eyes – but it doesn’t and surprisingly works fine. The difference between this kind of fixing the concealer and fixing it with ordinary powder is huge.


If you want your lipstick to stay on your lips for the whole day, first apply a layer of lipstick, wipe it with a napkin, and then fix the make-up with some transparent face powder.


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